Join our internship program in Cape Town

How we find your internship in Cape Town


1. Getting started is easy. Browse the internship categories listed in our Cape Town internship directory. If you find an internship category that appeals to you, click the “Tell me more!” button at the bottom of the page and our staff will send you more information about the opportunity. If you do not see an internship that appeals to you, do not hesitate to contact us with your specific internship requirements. Please note that our Cape Town internship database includes over 500 sites; for this reason, we only list general internship categories rather than specific sites. We will make it our priority to match you with the right organization in Cape Town.

2. After you have contacted us with an initial information request, we will reply to you with an additional series of questions. From this stage, a dialogue begins between you and a member of our applications staff (see the following video).

3. Once we have received enough information from you to understand your individual internship objectives, we will review your application materials and extend you an invitation to join our program if you meet our participant criteria. You will receive a formal program invitation via email and will be able to accept the invitation by paying a deposit of USD 300.

4. When you accept your program invitation, your application materials will be sent to a member of our placement staff, who will be responsible for creating your customized internship placement. We will search our database to find a match between you and one of our internship sites and all of our internships in Cape Town are created on a customized basis. If our staff determines that there is not a good match within our existing database, we will contact organizations outside of our network to create an internship opportunity for you. It takes our placement team anywhere from 2-4 weeks to source and secure your internship (watch the following video for more information about our placement process).



Our program specializes in finding Cape Town internship opportunities that will satisfy your academic, professional and intellectual needs. Central to our program philosophy is the concept of mutually beneficial experiential learning, through which the intern, partner organization, and the communities they serve, have the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop in dynamic and positive ways.


The VACorps internship placement process

VACorps interns pictured at an NGO in Cape Town.