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Conservation Internships in Cape Town.

Cape Town marine and conservation internships are an extremely popular choice as you will have the opportunity to work in the spectacular Table Mountain National Park and its Marine Protected Areas. By participating in a conservation internship in South Africa, you will aid in the effort to prevent poaching, promote sustainable fishing in its marine protected waters, and preserve the vast biodiversity of its flora and fauna that extends along a 1,000 square kilometer coastline and mountain range. If you are looking to make a positive impact on the majestic Table Mountain, its coastlines in False Bay and Cape of Good Hope, and have a love for the outdoors, then consider applying for our marine and conservation internships.

Your conservation internship in Cape Town will help you develop your knowledge in a South African workplace. Candidates for our marine and conservation internships are expected to have a strong theoretical understanding of biology, research experience, and are comfortable working in the outdoors and/or out on the water. We have placed program participants at internship sites in the following marine and conservation settings:

  • Table Mountain National Park
  • Marine Conservation Foundations
  • Marine Management Programs
  • Aquariums

The benefits of a doing your conservation internship in South Africa:

Complement your theoretical understanding of conservation—Work alongside South African professionals while studying and preserving the diversity of both Cape Town’s mountain ranges and marine-rich coastal waters.

Create an Impact— Help to protect this renowned mountain range and its coastline in an effort to preserve South Africa’s natural heritage.

Explore Cape Town—have the unique opportunity to explore unscathed areas of Table Mountain, and witness the incredible diversity of marine life in False Bay and Cape of Good Hope. Even join in our scuba diving courses to get up close and personal with this marine life in Cape Town’s unique waters.

International Networking— Acquire international experience with a conservation internship and develop your professional resume/CV.

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Meet past participants:

Sprinting towards HERITAGE weekend, my ‘brew’

South Africa, the land of the BIG 5 and fine wines, however also the home to cheetah and a wildly growing craft-beer industry. Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world, running at speeds up [...]

Yi Cao — Seattle, Washington USA (2017)

"I will start by saying that Cape Town is the most beautiful city that I have ever visited. Waking up and immediately seeing the blue sky and a towering mountain is still not something I [...]

  • Joseph A. on internship in South AFrica

Joseph Aserios — Seattle, Washington USA (2017)

"I choose Cape Town as a place to do my internship because of the location. It was a diverse city that is so rich in culture. I came to Cape Town not knowing anyone but [...]

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