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Education Internships in Cape Town.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in education, you will likely want to spend as much time as possible in a classroom environment under the supervision of a qualified teacher. A South Africa student teaching internship offers you the ideal opportunity to gain practical international teaching experience while engaging South Africa’s spectacular culture.

The benefits of an education internship in Cape Town, South Africa: 

  • Work at understaffed schools and mentor South African youths– Utilize your teaching skills to positively influence the lives of children and adolescents. Many public schools in Cape Town are not adequately staffed and administrators appreciate all the additional help they can get from interns.
  • You will learn to optimize the classroom – In many schools, the infrastructure is poor, the student-to-teach ratios are high and the resources are few. These settings provide unique opportunities to develop teaching skills that you simply can’t learn through theoretical study. With limited teaching resources, you’ll learn to create ingenious new ways to connect with your students. By challenging yourself in this way, you will learn resilience, compassion and adaptability – three qualities that all effective teachers have in common.
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture through afterschool programs – Our student teaching internships in Cape Town will give you the opportunity to participate in afterschool programs. Previous interns have coached sports teams, taught dance classes and managed community garden projects. Through interaction with your students outside of the classroom, you’ll gain valuable insight into the community that you serve. Many of our program alumni have commented that is a priceless experience.


Consider the importance of bringing your unique energy and knowledge into these situations, and imagine how you could grow as an educator and a person. At VACorps, you can be sure that we will help you find a meaningful student teaching internship at a local school.

Contact us for more information about the diverse range of Cape Town student teaching internship placements that we offer our program participants.

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Meet past participants:

  • Kirstin Cole education internship

Kristin Cole — York, Pennsylvania USA (2017)

"Yesterday one of the new interns asked me what my favorite thing has been in Cape Town, and honestly, I could not answer. Everything has been my favorite thing, from my visits to Kruger National [...]

Bethany Adkins – Stillwater, Minnesota USA (2016)

As soon as Bethany arrived in Cape Town, she hit the ground running. She didn't want to waste a single moment, either at her internship or traveling around southern Africa. Below she describes the highlights [...]

Hannah Green – Burke, Virginia

It is true when one says that there is no other place in the world like Cape Town. Coming to South Africa I had no expectations or ideas about the country or the city I'd be [...]

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