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Medical & Public Health Internships in Cape Town.

If you’re considering a career in healthcare and/or medicine, VACorps offers an excellent selection of medical internships in South Africa. As a medical intern in our program, you will be working alongside qualified healthcare professionals at one of Cape Town’s public health projects or community medical clinics. South Africa faces many serious healthcare issues, including high rates of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis – especially among women and young children. There is a high demand for healthcare in low-income areas of the city and many public hospitals and clinics lack appropriate funding. The overall experience will give you first-hand access to South Africa’s public healthcare system.

Please note that our clinical internships are nearing capacity between the months of May to the end of August of 2017. If you are interested in this internship, please email Thomas directly ( with your goals, interests, and a copy of your resume.

Summer Medical Program Dates:

May 1 – June 30 (flexible start-date)

July 1 – August 30 (flexible end-date)

Whether you are looking to gain experience shadowing doctors and other healthcare professionals in one of our rural clinics, or an internship that involves a specialised field such as dentistry, epidemiology, or in a pharmacy, we will place you at a site where you will receive an experience that is relevant to your professional objectives.

Why you should consider one of our healthcare internships in South Africa:

  • Gain familiarity with South Africa’s healthcare system.
  • Gain a unique understanding of HIV/AIDS and TB in South Africa
  • Shadow and interact with established professionals and gain resume-boosting clinic hours
  • Work directly in the communities that you will be serving during your internship experience.
  • Familiarise yourself with various medical procedures and treatments in trauma, infectious disease, maternity, paediatrics, etc.
  • Discover a new culture and the health-related challenges South Africans face.

An international medical internship will greatly enhance your professional resume and many of our alumni have been accepted to medical schools after having completed their internships with VACorps. Visit our testimonials page to learn more about the specific experiences of past healthcare interns.  Contact us today to discover how you can participate in a medical internship in Cape Town that will provide you with an introduction to a unique healthcare system in an African country.

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Meet past participants:

Nicole Chapko – Illinois

I cannot honestly say that there was nothing about my internship and internship site that I did not like. My site was an absolutely perfect match. I came here wanting to get as much clinical [...]

Annie Speranza – Massachusetts

One of the world’s greatest authors, Oscar Wilde, has a quote that I love. He conveys, “Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is [...]

Megan Davitt-Loysen – Washington, DC

Cape Town has stolen my heart. The three months I spent here were not nearly enough. However, looking back, I cannot believe how many amazing experiences I had during these short couple of months. My [...]

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