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Occupational Therapy Internships in Cape Town.

Cape Town occupational therapy internships are extremely popular due to the high demand for OTs in South Africa. By participating in an occupational therapy internship in South Africa, you will work alongside established occupational therapist and gain a true hands-on experience that’s so rare elsewhere in the world. As public health awareness in South Africa continues to grow, so does the need for competent, enthusiastic students to support these health programs.

Occupational therapy internships in Cape Town through VACorps:

Occupational therapy is a very rewarding field and we will work with you to source an ideal internship site that meets your professional goals. Students with a strong theoretical understanding of human anatomy/physiology, developmental psychology and/or prior experience working in rehabilitative settings should consider an OT internship in Cape Town. We have placed program participants at internship sites in the following occupational therapy settings:

  • Children and youth occupational therapy
  • Geriatric occupational therapy
  • Health and wellness occupational therapy
  • Mental health occupational therapy
  • Rehabilitative occupational therapy


The benefits of a doing your occupational therapy internship in South Africa:

  • Satisfy degree and graduate school requirements—Gain certified clinical hours and a letter of recommendation towards your professional future in the field.
  • Complement your theoretical understanding of OT— Work within the occupational therapy field that relates to your area of professional interest.
  • Experiential learning —Directly assist South African health care professionals with client-centered assessments, activity analysis, home, school and job site evaluations, promoting wellness, patient write-ups, and long-term patient goal setting.
  • Make a difference in the lives of others—Connect with your patients on a personal level as you use your skills to improve the everyday lives of your patients, and aid their continued progression towards a healthy, happy life.
  • International networking— Acquire international experience with an occupational therapy internship and develop your professional CV/resume.

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Meet past participants:

  • Ariel Harris VACorps program testimonial

Ariel Harris — Gainesville, Florida USA (2017)

"The highlight of my Cape Town OT internship was the opportunity to learn from South African occupational therapists, as well as work independently with my own patients. The VACorps program gives you the opportunity to [...]

  • Ellie Reeves hikes the Kalk Bay Caves in Cape Town

Ellie Reeves – Greensboro, North Carolina USA (2017)

Ellie participated in an Occupational Therapy internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2017. "My experience in Cape Town would not have been the same without VACorps and I am so appreciative I had help [...]

Brittany Nathan – New York, USA (2016)

Brittany participated in an education internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2016. "I researched VACorps for several months before even applying. I was so nervous about the whole idea of going away to another [...]

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