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What is it like to be a participant of VACorps?

September 22nd, 2017|

"I will start by saying that Cape Town is the most beautiful city that I have ever visited. Waking up and immediately seeing the blue [...]

September 22nd, 2017|

"I choose Cape Town as a place to do my internship because of the location. It was a diverse city that is so rich in [...]

September 22nd, 2017|

"I've always been very interested in the idea of working in third world countries and Africa had always been a place I wanted to go. [...]

September 18th, 2017|

Nicolet, pictured above at center, participated in a broadcast journalism internship at a local television station in Cape Town. "I chose Cape Town as the [...]

September 18th, 2017|

"I chose Cape Town to intern abroad because I wanted to gain international working and living experience, and I wanted to immerse myself in a [...]

September 18th, 2017|

"Being an African Regional focus in my studies back in the states, it felt natural to intern in an African country if I was to [...]

July 4th, 2017|

I mostly chose Cape Town based on VAC itself. I had not found another company that allowed me to plan my own program without going [...]

July 3rd, 2017|

I initially chose Cape Town because of the rave reviews I had heard from my friends who had studied here. I knew I wanted to [...]

June 26th, 2017|

"Yesterday one of the new interns asked me what my favorite thing has been in Cape Town, and honestly, I could not answer. Everything has [...]

June 21st, 2017|

"VACorps staff found an excellent position for me with the National Parks Law Enforcement, there I not only had the chance to learn and grow [...]

June 13th, 2017|

"I chose Cape Town because it has such amazing opportunities at every turn. It is so beautiful, you could go somewhere every day and you'd [...]

June 9th, 2017|

Connor participated in a medical internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2017. "For as long as I can remember, coming to South Africa has [...]

June 1st, 2017|

Ellie participated in an Occupational Therapy internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2017. "My experience in Cape Town would not have been the same [...]

May 30th, 2017|

Julia participated in a film & photography internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2017. "Oh gosh this is tough goodbye...Never before have I experienced [...]

May 30th, 2017|

Celine participated in a pharmacy internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2017. "I had a great time in South Africa! I had many amazing [...]

May 26th, 2017|

Jason participated in an 8-week medical internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2017. "My experience at Site B was crazy in all the best [...]

May 26th, 2017|

Grace participated in a physical therapy internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2017. "My time in South Africa were two of the best months [...]

May 26th, 2017|

Julia participated in a marketing internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2017. "My four months in Cape Town has been the most incredible part [...]

April 12th, 2017|

Cara spent 9 weeks completing a Human Rights internship with the South African Human Rights Commission in Cape Town. "The experience was both educational and [...]

January 20th, 2017|

Ashley participated in a human rights law internship with VACorps in 2016. "South Africa has been an amazing adventure. From paragliding over Cape Town to [...]

January 20th, 2017|

Mia was a marketing intern in Cape Town with VACorps in 2016. "When you tell people you're going to live in Cape Town for four [...]

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