The following videos explain the various aspects of the VACorps internship experience much better than words ever will! If you are seriously considering participation in our program, we recommend that you watch as many of these videos as possible to develop a visual understanding of what to expect during your internship in Cape Town, South Africa.

Why would you choose our internship program? Learn more about our unique program structure in this video.

Learn more about Observatory, Cape Town, the neighborhood where you will be living during your internship.

Meet the VACorps team and learn more about how they find your internship in Cape Town.

We offer optional weekly activities that will allow you to explore the city’s incredible natural beauty and vibrant local culture.

Learn more about our internship program housing options.

Meet Alesis Jessop as she discusses her nutrition internship experience with VACorps.

Hillary Polis participated in a marine conservation internship with VACorps. Learn more about her internship and her various adventures in Cape Town.

Meet Omar Daabies, a public health intern and future healthcare professional. Learn more about Omar’s internship highlights in this video.

Meet Gage Hansen, who discusses his human rights law internship in Cape Town.

Meet Nathan Shuftan, a politics intern who worked at the South African Parliament.

Meet Kelsey Sevenski, who participated in a South African social work internship.

Meet Steph Turner, who worked in the fast-paced South African film industry. She details her experiences in this life-changing internship.

Matt Meredith participated in an epidemiology internship in Cape Town through VACorps and the Hickley Institute of Politics.

Max Thedy interned with the law enforcement arm of the South African National Parks. We follow him in the field during a typical day at his internship site.

Participate in a marketing internship and also surf on a daily basis? Find out more during a day-in-the-life of intern Lindsey Anderson.