Weekly program activities in Cape Town

The VACorps internship program provides opportunities for you to explore the city and local culture of Cape Town outside of your daily internship work. The following is an overview of our weekly program activity schedule. Please note that your participation in the following activities is covered by the VACorps program fee (participation is optional).

Weekly Excursions

Every week we travel to a different location in Cape Town to give you a unique view of the city and its beautiful culture. This will also give you the opportunity to meet and network with other program participants.

Our staff announces the week’s activity every Tuesday, as we must take weather conditions into account when planning each excursion.

Some popular activities include; surfing, hiking, wine tasting, volunteering at community gardens, attending a play/show, sunset cruises in Table Bay Harbour, and more. See our galleries on Facebook to view photos from past excursions.

Monday Culture Series

On Monday evenings, we offer a one-hour culture class. The culture series covers topics such as an introduction into the Xhosa language (one of the most commonly spoken languages in the Western Cape), South African food and the tradition it represents, ceremonial traditions surrounding occasions such as weddings and funerals, beading traditions and customs and traditional dancing/performance.

The culture series offers a platform for interns to engage with and learn about the diversity of culture that we have in Cape Town. Private Xhosa language lessons are also available.

Healthy Options

Living abroad often interrupts your regular exercise routine and during your stay in Cape Town, you may wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are a few great options available. First and foremost, there are the mountains! Grab some friends and go on one of the many hiking trails available. Observatory Running Club (ORCS) run for approximately an hour 2-3 times a week, and more serious runners will have the opportunities to participate in races with the club (e.g., Cape Town Marathon, Two Ocean’s Marathon).

Roark gym is a functional training gym in Cape Town for both men and women. The workouts utilize machines, high-intensity interval training, and functional movements. CityROCK offers indoor rock climbing and is a fun way to get exercise in a safe and vibrant environment and they also offer Yoga classes. These are a few of the options available and will give you the opportunity to meet other members of the local community.