For this week’s post we’re coming live from Coffee Bay as we near the end of our 8-day Wild Coast adventure with a group of our interns.

Throughout the year, VACorps interns have the option of coming on one of five overland trips with VAC Travel that not only allow you to see more of this beautiful country and continent, but will allow you to connect with your fellow interns and embrace new peoples and cultures very different from that of the Western Cape.  Our first trip of the year is along the Garden Route, followed up with our Namibian adventure, then to the Wild Coast of South Africa, into the heart of Africa with our flagship Zambia + Botswana adventure in October, and concluded with our trek to the Kruger Park and to the pristine coastline of Inhambane and Praia de Tofo in Mozambique.

We had 11 join us this year on The Wild Coast and we’re currently staying in the small rural village of Coffee Bay after spending 4 days in Port St Johns to bear witness to the elusive Sardine Run.

Needless to say this year’s trip is going to be one for the record books. Port St Johns is one of the few places on the planet where you’re able to get in the water with thousands of migrating and breaching Humpback whales, superpods of Bottlenose and Common dolphins, numerous species of sharks, and diving Gannets as far as the eye can see all searching for bait balls of migrating sardines, anchovies and red-eye herrings.

Although we were plagued with rough seas for our first day, we still made the most of it with a trip to the stunning Magwa Falls in the village of Lusikisiki. The second and third days proved to be unbelievably memorable as our captain Steve Benjamin with Animal Ocean was able to show us more in just a few hours out on the water than we ever could have imagined. We were in the water free diving with dolphins circling around us in the crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, practically touching bait balls of anchovies creating a feeding frenzy on the surface for the dolphins and Gannets, and just when we thought our day couldn’t get any better, we had pairs of  Humpback whales swimming right underneath our fins before they dove down the safety of the deeper waters in an effort to escape the odd figures staring at them from above.

We’re now nearing our departure from Coffee Bay and are off to Durban for one final jol prior to heading back to the real world…if you can even call it that. Be sure to keep a close eye on our Facebook page in the coming days for photos from the trip and updates regarding our next adventure. And to see highlights from last year’s trip, be sure to check out our Wild Coast 2013 trip video.

As with all of our VAC Travel trips, it’s a great opportunity to bring groups of like-minded individuals together to discuss their internships back in Cape Town, future travel plans, and to reflect on the impact of the day’s activities with the same level of appreciation that we can only hope others will get to experience at some point in their lives. Although not included in our program fee, VAC Travel trips will undoubtedly be one of best decisions you can make throughout your stay in South Africa as a VAC intern.

Even with 2015 starting to fill up, we’re still accepting applications for 2014 so be sure to contact Thomas for details regarding both your tailor-made internship experience and our next VAC Travel adventure in just a few months’ time!