As we approach the end of another amazing year at VACorps, we’ve reluctantly said goodbye to more incredible people who have rightfully earned their titles as program legends*. The difficult part of our otherwise amazing job is getting to know you well enough that it’s very sad to see you go! The upside is that we’ve established a global network of amazing people who are connected by the fact that they love Cape Town and are VACorps Alumni.

In recent years, we’ve had some incredible alumni gatherings in New York City, Portland and London. At these mini-reunions, there has always been chatter about the scheduling of a formal Cape Town reunion. We’ve never given serious consideration to an idea like this—until now. The time has come to seek your opinions regarding a VACorps program reunion in South Africa.

The reunion would have a few simple objectives. It would provide you with an excuse to return to the glorious city of Cape Town and revisit the theatre of your internship adventure in South Africa. More importantly, you’d get to reconnect with friends from your internship program experience.

Here are a few assorted thoughts regarding the prospective structure of a VACorps reunion in Cape Town:

-The best time of year for a reunion to take place would be in December. The reasons for this? We will have access to lots of housing and the weather is hot, sunny and spectacular during this time of year. There are countless festivals and events planned in December and the city is abuzz with happiness. Simply put, Cape Town is unbeatable in summer! We could always consider other months but December seems to be the time when most people have some leave time from school or work. If your internship coincided with Cape Town winter, you’ll finally get the chance to understand why people rave about the Cape Town summer months.

-We’d probably schedule a few events and gatherings but not be too hands-on with the itinerary. Hikes (Crystal Pools!), beach missions and wine tours would all be a must!

-New Year’s Eve in Cape Town is a very special experience! If you’ve never celebrated NYE in a warm climate, let’s just say you’re missing out!

If we are going to make this happen next year, we need your input. Please share your comments, ideas and suggestions and in a year’s time, we could be gathered in Cape Town for a reunion of epic proportions!

*(see recent Cape Town internship testimonials to read comments from outbound 2014 VACorps Legends)