Jean Dunn VACorps Cape Internships communications Media Marketing

VACorps intern, Jean Dunn, is the current Marketing & Communications Assistant at The Cape Leopard Trust.  She wrote this important article about the relationship between hunting and conservation of leopards and other animals who face similar threats of extinction. Jeanie says, “Every day these beautiful and enigmatic leopards are decreasing in numbers because of our own failure to properly manage wildlife hunting and encourage their long-term survival.” This is a must-read for any VACorps candidate who is interested in big cat conservation.


Jean Dunn VACorps Intern Spotlight Cape Town Internship


She has applied her writing skills and extended her communications network by contributing to South Africa’s online media publication: Life in Balance .  Take a peek on what she’s shared around topics of Design & Innovation too. Her article about what’s happening inside the buzzing East Side of Cape Town’s collaborative hub space 75 Harrington St explains the potential for our urban city landscapes. Inspiring stuff!  Have you checked it out?


Jean Dunn VACorps Intern Spotlight Cape Town Internship

75 Harrington Rooftop. The start of a green roof garden. Innovative Cities: Cape Town

Jean is a graduate from Quinnipiac University (Hamden, Connecticut, USA) – B.A. in Communications/Media Studies, Minor in English Literature.