What is it like to be a VACorps intern in Cape Town’s summer and spend your days at the Two Oceans Aquarium?  Adrian Kerester, from San Francisco, made two videos to share a glimpse of her experience over six weeks.

Before she left today, she shared some highlights with us.  She met the famous, Otto, the hawksbill turtle, that was released back into the wild Atlantic Ocean last week after months of rehabilitation.  She also told us about getting the chance to assist with educational programs about marine conservation and got to hold tiny African penguins during routine aquarium duties.  Adrian, we hope you took home some amazing memories and furthered your interests in marine biology & ocean conservation.


Two Oceans Aquarium – My Aquarium Internship from Adrian Kerester on Vimeo.

Two Oceans Aquarium – Spotlight on Education from Adrian Kerester on Vimeo.

Cape Town in October to December are beautiful months to intern in ocean conservation projects.  The ocean is calm, the weather is beautiful and you get to celebrate ocean-loving events and films at Wavescape Film Festival.  Ask us about internships with these great organisations and how you can get involved in saving our world’s oceans.

Otto the turtle at Two oceans