Cape Town packing list abroad

You’ve bought your flights.  You’ve told all your friends and family you’re interning abroad in the most beautiful city in the world.  So what’s next?  Start preparing and begin packing your bags!   Our VACorps intern, Ashley Roth, from USA, was kind enough to lend her two cents to prospective interns on what she did to land well prepared in The Mother City – Cape Town.

Here’s what she had to say:

Preparation and Packing Essentials-

 Call your bank so they’re aware you’ll be out of the country. Make sure to specify

where you’ll be going so they don’t shut off your credit card!

 Get a Travel Visa card (they sell them at AAA). It’s basically a debit card but

specifically for travel.

 Exchange money prior to your trip, just in case you cannot get some right when you

arrive. Bring an extra credit card and keep it in a safe place where you are staying.

 Make sure you have a plug adapter. You can use either a three-prong or two-prong

(European) one in most places around South Africa.

 Remember, the seasons in South Africa are opposite those in America. For

instance, June-August are the rainy, winter months. December-February=summer.

– Temperatures in SA winter will average about 60 F during the day. It can reach up to 75 F and drop down to about 45 F.

 Bring a raincoat and a heavy jacket if you are traveling during their winter months.

You will need both.

 Keep a journal with you while traveling. Write as often as you can about

anything/everything! It’ll help you vividly remember your trip.

 Go to a travel clinic and get all required shots! (so you can travel to other destinations and countries) Most likely you will need an updated

Tetanus and maybe Typhoid if you will be around townships or children.

Have more to add to the list?  Please comment and share your experience.

Cape Town packing list abroad Vacorps

A little extra note from Ashley:

If you’re reading this, know that I am extremely jealous of your upcoming trip to Cape

Town, or even the prospect of you planning that trip. The best advice I can give you,

while traveling this wonderful country of South Africa, is to keep an open mind always.

Do not travel as a tourist. Make an effort to get to know the local people, do not shy

away from the cultural differences, and be on your guard 24/7. This country has a vibe

unlike anywhere else, and it is truly special. Take it all in, allow yourself to see things

that most tourists do not see. Most of all, put your phone away (not just for theft

purposes) and look up. Take advantage of all the beauty you are about to see around


Can’t wait to hear about all the adventures!



Cape Town packing list abroad Vacorps

Pictures by Instagram: @angelamillerza