Year after year, VACorps interns experience incredible life-changing moments in their professional placements in Cape Town.  We’ve had an amazing year with fantastic people exploring future careers and contributing to fantastic local projects. These international internships truly shape rest of your lives forever.

You can read some of VACorps first-hand internship experiences here.  With the VACorps program, our interns & team travel and explore some amazing destinations.  We are predicting a fantastic start to 2016 with new exciting internships & partnerships lined up.  Have you signed up for the upcoming VACtravel ten-day trip adventures we have planned for Namibia and The Wild Coast?  Get in touch and join in the fun.

  Year in Review: VACorps 2015 Highlights 
 We’ve put together a highlights gallery of memories and pictures from the year.  Check it all out below!
– Watching 2015 interns, Gabbi Cervantes and Alicia D’Ariano conquer their fears of heights while climbing up huge rocks on our Friday VACtivity hike to the Kalk Bay Caves.
– The 4th of July Party at FOREX.  Anna was dressed as Lady Liberty and got down on the dance floor with all the interns.
– Going on our VACtravel Cederberg 3-day trip in September. Check out our Facebook photo albums!
– Watching the Friday VACtivity surfing lesson group be determined to stand up on the board and then doing it!
– Listening to Mozambican rap in the car ride and stopping along the way for gigantic bags of cashews during our Mozambique VACTravel ten-day trip in July.
– Swimming with a whale shark in Tofo, Mozambique and scuba diving in the Indian Ocean.
– Going to the stand-up comedy night that Diana Crandall hosted and watching the hilarious interns participate.
– The Friday VACtivity Woodstock Beer Tasting Tour and when the van broke down. Trying to push it until it got it stuck on a pipe.
– Anna getting called Mom by some interns like Ethan Savel, Hannah Green and Grace Lovell for the three months they were here.


vacorps highlights

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