It’s your first day at your internship site; it’s the moment you’ve been waiting months or even years for, but what’s next? Cape Town, South Africa will be your home for the next few months, now all you have to do is introduce yourself to SO many new, interesting, and friendly people.

On your first day of your internship, a VACorps team member will accompany you on public transport to your internship site.  We introduce you to your supervisor, have a brief meeting about work hour details & projects, and your on-site orientation continues with your supervisor and colleagues.  Some of you may have 3 colleagues, other companies have over 50 employees!

Each internship site has unique work cultures and traditions, as well as creative ways to integrate their new intern into the office or site environment.  VACorps video production intern, Ian Bradley, was told to introduce himself to over 100 colleagues in a rap format.  Yes, RAP!  So he turned this task into a way to showcase his skills and share a bit of his own social history in rhymes.

Even the CEO of the company gave him a high-five for his witty and creative presentation.

Here’s what it looked like!

How will you introduce yourself to your internship site!?  Think of creative ways to present yourself!

Ideas: A power point presentation, a video song parody, cook a meal from your home town at lunch, pass out small souvenirs from home . . ..