“Where should I start? I had set out on a journey two years back exploring and integrating different kinds of global experiences starting from war zones to premiere business hubs, I had gained a taste of it all. However, Cape Town swept me off my feet. Beginning with alluring vineyards, fantastic weather and bewildering hikes to a nuanced analysis of this young yet progressive nation at the Parliament, was an experience of a lifetime.

“VACorps by its simple nature seems way too humble for the astounding network of placement sites it has in South Africa. They connected me to my internship site, Parliamentary Monitoring Group, which was a one-stop shop to learn everything about South African Legislation and Policy-making in a short period. I got to learn about making formal reports and documenting Parliamentary meetings in a formal yet non-technical manner which can be understandable by the civilians of South Africa. They also let me be a part of a couple of Research projects due to my engineering math skills which was interesting and exciting.

“The weekly activities provided by VACorps gives its interns an opportunity to explore the amazing place that Cape Town is. Despite the fact that I stayed in Cape Town for nearly 12 weeks, I know I did not exhaust the things I could experience there. Also, being the social butterfly that I am, I got to interact with people coming from all the parts of the world who were a part of the VACorps family like I was. In many occasions, the VACorps staff went out of its way to help in times of need starting from waiting at the airport in the middle of the night upon my arrival. They are friendly and warm people who make sure that you don’t feel homesick at all.

“Cape Town is serene yet vibrant. It has something for everyone. All you need to do is submit to it and enjoy your time there while learning at each moment. Cheers!”

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Meet past participants:

Sophia (Rocca) Caputo-New York, USA (2019)

Sophia joined the VACorps Program in January 2019 and participated in an Entrepreneurship Internship. "Moving to South Africa for 3 months was not something I deliberately set out to do; last summer when I started looking into [...]

Paidi Shi – Chengdu, China (2018)

Paidi, a student at Cornell University, interned at an NGO called Future Females. Paidi had this to say about her experience in South Africa with Future Females and VACorps: 1. Why did you choose Cape [...]

  • Tobais Woxholtt reflects upon his time in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tobias Woxholtt – Copenhagen, Denmark

In 2012 I travelled around the world reaching several different fascinating destinations and people. I came to South Africa, but never reached Cape Town. I found this frustrating because on my adventures I met so [...]

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