“Choosing to come to Cape Town and complete an internship through VACorps was one of the best decisions I have made throughout my college career. I had high hopes of how this internship would make me grow as a person and when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone it is amazing how much more you grow! Choosing to travel on my own was a huge leap outside of my comfort zone, but I knew that in order to get the experience I wanted in Cape Town, I first had to get there. I completed a physiotherapy internship primarily working with children affected by Cerebral Palsy. This setting is not one that I would have selected for myself but after completing my internship I am so thankful for the experience it gave me! I loved going to work each day and working with the students. The thing that I enjoyed most about my internship were the questions that the students would ask me about myself and about America. Sometimes the questions were challenging to answer, but they always helped me understand how blessed I am to have the opportunities that I do, both in Cape Town and at home. VACorps was a great resource in getting me outside of the United States, helping me book my flights, arrange housing and finding my perfect internship placement. I think that everyone would benefit from an experience with VACorps!”

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Meet past participants:

Sophia (Rocca) Caputo-New York, USA (2019)

Sophia joined the VACorps Program in January 2019 and participated in an Entrepreneurship Internship. "Moving to South Africa for 3 months was not something I deliberately set out to do; last summer when I started looking into [...]

Paidi Shi – Chengdu, China (2018)

Paidi, a student at Cornell University, interned at an NGO called Future Females. Paidi had this to say about her experience in South Africa with Future Females and VACorps: 1. Why did you choose Cape [...]

  • Tobais Woxholtt reflects upon his time in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tobias Woxholtt – Copenhagen, Denmark

In 2012 I travelled around the world reaching several different fascinating destinations and people. I came to South Africa, but never reached Cape Town. I found this frustrating because on my adventures I met so [...]

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