Eleni participated in a social work internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2018. “I am considering going to Grad School for a Master’s in Social Work and wanted to get more experience in the field before committing. I found VACorps, a program which gave me the opportunity to intern in any field, tries to find your ideal placement and is in a beautiful city, so I immediately decided to apply. I am so grateful to have been placed at a site that fit me perfectly and only confirmed my passion for Social Work! Beyond my internship, I really enjoyed spending my free time going hiking. There are so many great hikes to choose from and I will certainly be back to complete the ones that I didn’t have time to while I was here. I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I was able to meet during my time here.”

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Oliver Nielson-Denmark (2019)

Oliver is studying towards his Bachelors Degree in International Business at the university of Copenhagen. He joined the VACorps Program in June 2019, and interned at a Technology Incubator.  "I chose to come to [...]

Sophia (Rocca) Caputo-New York, USA (2019)

Sophia joined the VACorps Program in January 2019 and participated in an Entrepreneurship Internship. "Moving to South Africa for 3 months was not something I deliberately set out to do; last summer when I started looking into [...]

  • Tobais Woxholtt reflects upon his time in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tobias Woxholtt – Denmark (2018)

On the 5th semester of my study, Intercultural Market Communication, you can either do an internship in Denmark or Study abroad somewhere. My problem was that I wanted to go abroad, but I wanted an [...]

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