Noah joined the VACorps program in June 2018 and participated in a Human Rights internship.

“I chose to come to Cape Town because it was a good opportunity to add hands-on experience to my studies (political science) and to see a lot of my family that lives here in Cape Town. It was the perfect opportunity to knock out two birds with one stone. I got to stay here for about 2 months. I got to intern at the Refugee Legal & Advocacy Centre where I got hands-on experience with South African politics, cultural divides challenges that refugees in South Africa face, and much more. In addition to all that, I got to eat great South African foods, taste great wine, drink great coffee, and see some of the beautiful sights that South Africa has to offer. I got to see how policy shapes the lives of people on the ground and why it is so important to be politically-engaged in your community and to vote. I learned that I want a career in politics (not a politician though) and to work and help people to the best of my ability. I’d say that if you are coming here through VACorps, that you should stay for at least two months. That gives you enough time to settle in, make a routine, and see all the beauty that Cape Town has to offer. You should also go to Culture Series and the Friday activities so that you can learn more about Cape Town and see more of it as well. I am honestly grateful for all of it. For the internship, for the support, for the learning opportunities, and for the chance to grow and return home with more knowledge and an awareness of the world that we live in.”

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