Paidi, a student at Cornell University, interned at an NGO called Future Females. Paidi had this to say about her experience in South Africa with Future Females and VACorps:

1. Why did you choose Cape Town as the place to intern abroad?
I haven’t been to Africa before. South Africa is the most developed country in Africa, and Cape Town is the most safe place in South Africa.2. Why did you decide to do an internship?
Travel is not a perfect way to know a city, staying at a place for while and get in touch with locals is a better way to experience a city, so I chose to do an intern here.3. What did you love most about interning in CT?
I got the really hands-on tasks. I love my intern site: Future Females. Everyone here does care and instruct me to do my tasks, and they do care whether I have learned something.4. What did you learn about yourself during your time in CT? 
For my career, I found a interest in marketing and startups.

5. Specific highlights at your site you will never forget?
See the table mountain each single day.

6. What did you love most about living here? What will you miss most? 
The table mountain.

7. How long did you stay for- how long would you advise for people to come and do you have any tips as to how they can prepare themselves for coming?
I am here only for a month. I will suggest people to come at least a month.
Be relaxed and be ready to get amazing experience here.

8. How were the VACorps staff and the weekly activities? 
200/100. They are perfect!!! VACops staff, definitely nice and helpful!!!! Weekly activities: I even joined the hiking one, then you will see how much I love and engage with those activities.

9. What aspects of the VACorps program are you most grateful for?
VACorp staff!

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