Lizzy is a studying B.A. with a major in Early Childhood and Special Education at Millersville University. She joined the VACorps Program in Oct 2018 and participated in a teaching internship at a local primary school.

“Being in Cape Town for about 2 months now has been an experience I will never forget & VAC made that all happen. Between the amazing communication before my arrival in Cape Town and all of the help from them while being here has made it an easy and amazing transition.

VAC found me an amazing internship at a primary school, teaching grade 1. This internship was an experience that taught me more than I ever thought it would. Working with 39 first graders and an amazing mentor taught me so much about my career. I was able to experience a different culture and a different school system than what I am used to. I thought it was going to be a huge challenge but the support I was given from my mentor and VAC made it an amazing experience.

Cape Town overall is a beautiful, amazing place. I loved every second of my time here and the experiences and people I met along the way. Between all the hiking, the garden route, and the Cedar Burg camping trip (just to name a few) were amazing trips and I will forever remember everything I did here!”

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Peyton McGovern – Oregon, USA (2019)

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Simran Chugani – Minnesota, USA (2019)

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Andy L – Manila, Philippines (2019)

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