Oliver is studying towards his Bachelors Degree in International Business at the university of Copenhagen. He joined the VACorps Program in June 2019, and interned at a Technology Incubator. 

“I chose to come to Cape Town because I study an internationally focused study and wanted to experience first hand how business’ functioned in an emerging economy like South Africa. The appeal of Cape Town specifically was a combination of the beautiful nature and the massive cultural diversity. Luckily, the internship site I was placed at provided many opportunities to increase my understanding of South African business and politics, not only through the projects I was assigned to but also through interesting conversations with my co-workers.

I improved my understanding of South African business and got to experience different several aspects of it through my work at my internship site, by not only working in the office but also by being invited to different events, which I really appreciated. In relation to just the projects I worked on, I particularly enjoyed projects where it was a lot of trial and error because I learned the most from them.”

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