Alex is studying Psychology with a minor in Philosophy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He joined the VACorps Program in July 2019 and participated in the VACorps Human Rights Internship. 

“I chose cape town as a place to intern abroad because it was an opportunity like no other available in my life. Having the ability to go to a country that I’ve never visited across the globe and learn skills that will later be applicable in my field is something that is invaluable and an amazing experience to gain. What I loved most about interning in CT was having the ability to be in charge of researching South African cases to later use to build a case for local clients. During my time in CT, I learned that my life does not have to be contained in one state. I can live my life where ever I want. I am truly blessed to be around a diverse crowd of people from all around the world who all study their different respective fields. I learned that there will always be great friends and people where ever I go, and I can have a family where I desire. I will never forget the time I spent relaxing at night with my roomies talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. What I will miss most is the view of my backyard. I can literally walk outside and see the beautiful mountain. It’s humbling knowing how raw, great, and unforgiving nature can be. I would say that staying for at least 6 weeks is a good amount of time. A tip I would advise for future interns is to save up money and learn to use your phone less. The VACorps staff were friendly and great :). The Friday weekly activities were great as well. I am most grateful for the experiences I had working for with my internship and the friends and relationships I made.”

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Ana Martin Gorbe – Madrid, Spain (2019)

Ana (pictured center left) is studying Psychology and UNED. She joined the VACorps program in September 2019 and participated in a counseling and psychology internship at an organization that offers counseling, addictions support and [...]

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Peyton McGovern – Oregon, USA (2019)

Peyton is an aspiring Human Rights Lawyer, currently studying English and Non-Profit Management at Southern Oregon University. She joined the VACorps program in September 2019 and participated in a Refugee and Human Rights Internship [...]

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Keira Harbour – Cornwall, United Kingdom (2019)

Keira is studying Politics and International Relations at the University of the West of England, Bristol. She joined the VACorps program in June 2019, and participated in the VACorps Human Rights Internship Program.  "My [...]

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Jessica Buss – Edmonton, Canada (2019)

Jessica is studying her Bachelor of Child and Youth Care at MacEwan University.  She joined the VACorps Program in May 2019 and participated in a social work internship at an NGO that offers trauma [...]

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Simran Chugani – Minnesota, USA (2019)

Simran is studying Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She joined the VACorps Program in July 2019 and participated in a public health internship at an HIV/AIDS Foundation. "If I had to summarize [...]

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Andy L – Manila, Philippines (2019)

Andy is studying towards her  BSC Business Administration with a minor in Operations Management at Enderun College. She joined the VACorps Program in July 2019 and participated in a marketing and business internship at [...]

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