Kyrsten is studying Exercise and Sports Science at UNC Chapel Hill.  She joined the VACorps Program in May 2019 and participated in a Physical Therapy Internship at a private practice. 

“I had a friend from home that took a gap year in Cape Town and met a couple of students who interned through VAC and thought this would be an amazing opportunity to gain hours for PT school while experiencing a new culture and traveling abroad. I interned at the Sports Institute on the team of biokienticists and I have had an amazing experience. I was not only learning from extremely knowledgeable people, but I learned what field of physical therapy I want to pursue, which is neurological disorders. This internship allowed me to be exposed to patients I have not seen before and be there for their big milestones. My favorite part of the internship was being able to walk in everyday and see the milestones of all the patients written on the wall and physically seeing the progress after working so hard in sessions. SSISA was also an amazing place to learn alongside UCT students and interns and gain even more knowledge.”

I stayed in Cape Town for 5 weeks and loved the other interns I’ve met here and all the experiences VAC provided. Cape Town is truly an amazing place is so beautiful. I’ve loved the hikes after work, watching the sunset, or spontaneous trips to the beach. All these views could be reached in an Uber ride. I still feel like I didn’t see all that I wanted to and I definitely recommend staying longer than 5 weeks to give yourself time to get adjusted and make the most of your experience at your internship and South Africa. I also recommend taking advantage of the Friday Activities! I was able to see a lot of Cape Town through these and made great friends because of it!

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