Payton is studying Pre-Physician Assistant at the University of Oklahoma. She joined the VACorps Program in July 2019 and participated in a Medical Internship at a public health clinic.

“I originally decided to do a medical internship after I graduated from college just to get more experience in the medical field but as I arrived and started thinking about my time in Cape Town I believe it was much more than just getting experience. I felt as if I took a leap of faith and truly got out of my comfort zone which was one of the greatest feelings. I believe my month spent in Cape Town instilled in me an immense amount of growth and confidence. One of my favorite things about interning in Cape Town was the beauty and variety of cultures that exist there. One of the aspects of the VACorps program that I was most grateful for was the people I met through the program. They truly made Cape Town feel like home and each person I met had such an amazing outlook on life. The people and the beauty of the city is something that I miss the most. Overall, one piece of advice I would give to people who are coming to do an internship would be to be completely open to meeting new people and trying new things. By simply saying “yes” that choice can change your life.”

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Benjamin Malin, San Francisco, USA (2021)

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Elliot Jones – Texas, USA (2020)

Elliot joined the VACorps Program as part of her gap year in February 2020 and participated in a conservation and tourism internship.  "I came to Cape Town about three years ago but didn't get [...]

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Lucia Tisker – Oregon, USA (2019)

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Kevin Keys – Oregon, USA (2018)

Kevin is studying a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University.  He joined the VACorps Program in July 2018 and participated in a conservation internship at an environmental education trust. [...]

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Tom Wilkinson – Leeds, U.K. (2018)

Tom, (pictured at center) is studying towards his BA in Geography at the University of East Anglia. He participated in an environmental consulting internship with VACorps in 2018. "Interning in Cape Town has been [...]

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