Farhana joined the VACorps Program in August 2019 and participated in a Sustainable Development Internship.

“Cape Town has been a city that I have wanted to visit for a very long time due to its natural beauty and the unlimited range of activities that it can offer. However what really encouraged me to choose Cape Town for my internship was VAC. I personally did not have much experience in travelling on my own and felt quite overwhelmed trying to find an internship for myself. However, the support that VAC provides from the initial application phase, all the way to your last day in Cape Town, was a huge deciding factor for me. In my first week alone I was able to meet so many new people from all around the world. Some highlights for me was the Garden Route where I conquered my fear of heights and bungee jumped off the world tallest bridge jump. This experience was so amazing that I went on to do a tandem skydive jump a couple of weeks after!

My internship has been a whole other experience in itself. I have loved working with my close knit family at TCOE. They have offered me so much both in terms of desk and field experience. Through them I was able to travel to the Eastern Cape multiple times for research that will prove beneficial for my university studies.

What I will miss the most about Cape Town is the nature, (having discovered a new found love for hiking), the coffee (Dolce Bakery serves the best coffee and bagels!), the food (Obs is just amazing for its range of restaurants) and all the amazing new people I have met in my 10 weeks here. I am very sad my time in Cape Town has come to an end, but it definitely is not a goodbye.”

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Laila Heidarhosseini – Pennsylvania, USA (2020)

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Monisha Roychoudhury – Illinois, USA (2020)

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Jacqueline Staver – Michigan, USA (2020)

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Alexandra Edmunds – Ontario, Canada (2020)

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Malikah Ullah – London, United Kingdom (2020)

Malikah is studying a BSc in Psychology at Goldsmith's University in London.  She joined the VACorps program in July 2020 and participated in a counseling/psychology internship at a local NGO that creates educational opportunities [...]

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