Kristy is studying Philosophy/Economics at University of Chicago. She joined the VACorps Program in August 2019 and participated in a the VACorps Human Rights Internship Program.

“I am so grateful that VACorps placed me in the Human Rights Internship Program with Kelly Stone. I have learned so much in the past month and a half– not only about myself and my passions, but also about the South African society, its people, its history, its issues. Kelly, Venessa, and everyone I met through this internship were so open and welcoming, bringing me to all their meetings and showing me things that were hard but necessary to see. This is probably my favourite internship that I’ve done so far. My two supervisors are extraordinary, truly respectable people who are very passionate about their work, and I am honoured to have had the privilege to work with them.

Cape Town is a beautiful city, and VACorps provided me an opportunity to explore it while meeting likeminded young people. The program gave us a lot of freedom and choice, while the support and advice was always there when needed. The VACorps staff are very approachable and I loved getting to know them through the Friday trips we did. I especially enjoyed the wine tasting and the hiking trips!”

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