An in-depth look at physical therapy internships in South Africa

Physical therapy internships abroad are gaining popularity with college students from North America. Many international destinations provide students with the opportunity to receive a more immersive and hands-on experience in a unique cultural setting. Accordingly, it is no surprise that VACorps physical therapy internships ranked as one of our Top 10 internships categories (#7) in 2019.  South Africa is a great destination for students searching for an invaluable undergraduate or graduate-level physical therapy internship abroad. All internships are english speaking and the professional standards align with what is taught in PT programs in North America.

VACorps is partnered with the University of Montana School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science. Every during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, we place U of M students at internship sites under the supervision of South African physical therapists. Given the rising demand for physical therapy internships abroad, we decided to profile two University of Montana students who served as PT interns at Western Province Rugby. The team is highly regarded as one of the top rugby squads in the South African Rugby Union. For the duration of their internships, both students assisted professional athletes with their rehabilitation programs. The following video documents their physical therapy internship experiences abroad with VACorps. As the students noted, South Africa is a big transition from life in Montana!

More about the Physical Therapy interns featured in this film:

Tyler Shanda is currently working towards his Doctorate in Phyiscal Therapy at the University of Montana. He will complete his DPT degree in 2020. Outside of his studies, Tyler is a passionate waterskier previously served as the captain of the UC Davis Waterskiing Team while an undergrad.

Tessa Netelbeeker is also enrolled in the DPT program at the University of Montana and expects to graduate in 2020 along with Tyler. Tessa was one of the more active VACorps interns who dedicated her free time to outdoor exploration and adventure.

Visit this page if you’d like to apply for a physical therapy internship in South Africa.