Ava-Celeste is majoring in African Studies at Smith College and is expected to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in May 2021. She joined the VACorps program in August 2020 as a remote intern and participated in an internship at an NGO that provides educational support to underprivileged children in Cape Town. 

“After the COVID-19 hit the globe, I was worried I would not be able to have an experience out of the United States. I loved the community of people that I met through both VACorps and my internship site. I loved learning about South African culture from Buddy Chats with Kuselwa and Kholi.

I hope to keep in contact with both VACorps and my internship site, as I hope to visit South Africa one day in the future. I really enjoyed the projects I was given because they afforded me the opportunity to learn and develop a new skill. I never had to create an informational brochure or a workbook before, but I am glad I got the opportunity to do so.”

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