Allison (pictured third from the left) joined the VACorps program in January 2022 during her GAP year and participated in a public health internship. She will begin her studies at Northeastern University in the fall of 2022 where she will major in Public Health. 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here in Cape Town! VACorps gave me all of the resources I needed to thrive during my time in South Africa. They provided me with fantastic internship placement and created an independent environment of growth with numerous learning opportunities. As a future Public Health major, I was matched with a complimentary internship where I worked as a counselor for pregnant women and new moms, designed a resource book and compiled helpful programs for those seeking help, and worked in the Mowbray Maternity Hospital nursery and organized donations into new baby and momma bags! I transitioned from shadowing counselors to individually running counseling sessions.  Working at my internship site gave me a real introduction to public health in Cape Town, and, surrounded by such a supportive environment, I can undoubtedly say I experienced true growth in my confidence and abilities. I lived here for 3 months, and would definitely recommend staying for as long as you are able! There is so, so much to explore (especially with Cape Town’s diverse geography), and you will certainly want to see everything. Some of my favorite activities have been hiking (do Lion’s Head at sunrise!), surfing, trying new restaurants, exploring thrift shops, visiting Kirstenbosch, and museum touring. The ‘vactivities’ and Culture Series ensures you learn and see everything you can about the city! Overall, the level of growth I have experienced in this program, from within my internship, to simply learning how to live independently, has been unmatched, and I do believe my gap year would be incomplete without it.”

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Meet our most recent VACorps program alumni:

  • Human rights internship participant

Laila Wheeler, California, USA (2023)

Laila Wheeler is studying Public Affairs, Education, and Sociology at the University of California Los Angeles. She participated in a human rights internship from June - August of 2023. "Traveling to Cape Town was genuinely [...]

  • Innogen Naylor - education internship

Innogen Naylor, Vermont, USA (2023)

Innogen joined the VACorps Program as part of her Gap Year in January 2023 and participated in an internship at a local school for learners from Zimbabwe who are attempting to integrate into the South [...]

Avital Strauss, Illinois, USA (2023)

Avital joined the VACorps PRogram as part of her Gap Year in January 2023 and participated in an internship at an NGO that supports and serves underprivileged communities in one of Cape Town's townships.  [...]

William Monkarsh, California, USA (2023)

Will joined the VACorps Program in January 2023, as part of his GAP year, and participated in an internship at an eco-tourism company in Cape Town.  "My experience with VAC has definitely been life-changing. [...]

Clancy Erickson, North Carolina, USA (2022)

Clancy recently completed her BA in Human Services Studies at Elon University. She joined the VACorps program in September 2022, and participate in an internship at an NGO that supports refugees in Cape Town. [...]

Dylan DeRosa, New York, USA (2023)

Dylan joined the VACorps program in January 2023 as part of his Gap Year and participated in a human rights law internship.  "Cape Town and the VACorps have provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and experience [...]

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