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Celebrating Heritage Day 2016 in Delft

Hierdie ding doen ons saam - this thing we do together. Last Saturday we celebrated Heritage Day, a public holiday in South Africa. For many of the interns, this was the first time celebrating such a day, so just to explain a bit more about what it actually means, here's a small history lesson. Every [...]

Slanguage in South Africa

When interns land in South Africa, they may think they've landed in a country where English is spoken. Well, yes, English is widely spoken, however, you will hear a fantastic array of South African "slang"uage - blended words and sayings from English, Afrikaans & Xhosa. Sometimes, it can leave visitors a bit confused when these [...]

VACorps Intern, Lorin Anderberg’s Visual Travel Journal

The talented VACorps intern, Lorin Anderberg, is a visual storyteller. Dive into her experience  through all of her Cape Town adventures. Check out the list of all the sites that made it on her video! Do you have an amazing video to share with us? We'd love to feature you. Check out Lorin's other videos [...]

VACorps Intern Spotlight: Ian Bradley

It's your first day at your internship site; it's the moment you've been waiting months or even years for, but what's next? Cape Town, South Africa will be your home for the next few months, now all you have to do is introduce yourself to SO many new, interesting, and friendly people. On your first day [...]

Andrew Mandla Ndwanya, our Operations Manager shares his local knowledge with VACorps

Every day, imagine meeting new people in various offices, shaking hands with managing directors & doctors, and learning about NGO's and companies across Cape Town.   This is a glimpse into the day of VACorps' Operation Manager, Andrew Ndwanya.  Since 2011, he's also been supporting international interns with insider tips, local knowledge, and cultural excursions of his [...]

Sneak Peek: Virtual Tour of The Cederberg Oasis VACtravel Weekend!

Some people say, it's like a different planet, but when you land in the Cederberg mountains, you realise you've travelled to a beautiful place on Earth.  Well known for it's dramatic rocky mountain formations, world-class bouldering and rock climbing, ancient rock paintings, and clear evenings full of shooting stars, it's an adventure not to miss! [...]

5 Fun Ocean Activities to do on a Sunday in Cape Town

The week has flown by and now the weekend is your playground!  The ocean is paradise here, so recharge every Sunday with our Cape Town ocean activities list to add to your bucket list. Big Bay We've put together a list of some of our favourite things to do on a Sunday in [...]

Get to Know: Anna K. Anderson and Her Insider Tips of Cape Town

 Interview of VACorps team member,  Anna K. Anderson  Favourite Cape Town beach? ​ ​ Boulders Beach on a weekday when no one else is there and you can swim with the penguins by yourself :-)   Your favourite place to get a drink in Cape Town? At our brewery, Drifter, in Woodstock or else Door [...]

VACorps End of Year Highlights

  Year after year, VACorps interns experience incredible life-changing moments in their professional placements in Cape Town.  We've had an amazing year with fantastic people exploring future careers and contributing to fantastic local projects. These international internships truly shape rest of your lives forever. You can read some of VACorps first-hand internship experiences here.  With the VACorps program, our [...]

5 Things To Add To Your Cape Town, South Africa Summer Bucket List

Summer solstice has come!  For those of us in Cape Town, we are in full-swing of the city's beauty & splendor.  Interns are on holiday which leaves space for exploring, adventure and ticking off things to do on their bucket list.   We know there are incredible beaches and natural surroundings to see, but want to try [...]