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Max Sumner – Georgia, USA (2018)

"My internship provided an amazing experience which opened up a world of adventure, learning and connections which I would not have experienced elsewhere. Coming to Cape Town allowed me to indulge in unforgettable experiences and allowed me to contribute and learn from a community in a way that is unmatched throughout the world." View [...]

Nicholas Sorensen – Georgia, USA (2018)

"I choose Cape Town as the site for my internship because it was highly recommended to me by many friends and family members as one of the most unique and exciting places to travel and to experience. Additionally, the socioeconomic and historical background of this city and country as a whole makes it a completely [...]

Madison Sheldon – Washington, USA (2018)

"I chose Cape Town as the place to intern abroad because of the DIVERSITY. Cape Town’s history makes it a very demographically diverse city and with that diversity comes extremely rich culture. I loved my experience here because it allowed me the opportunity to firsthand learn from people with a broad array of cultural backgrounds. [...]

Blakley Fine – Tennessee, USA (2018)

"I chose Cape Town because it is a unique place and there are so many activities to take part in, from hiking to wine tasting, and I enjoyed them all. Cape Town is such a diverse place where you can always find something to enjoy, no matter your personality type. I completed a Medical Internship [...]

Nicole Petrovic – Illinois, USA (2018)

"The Desmond Tutu Foundation was the most ideal internship site for me. I recently graduated with a chemistry degree and am working towards getting my Master's in Public Health and I intend to focus most of my work on health disparities. This was my first experience applying chemistry into a public health setting and the [...]

Mirada Christensen – Georgia, USA (2018)

"Coming to Cape Town was an extremely eye-opening experience I am so happy to have been involved in. VACorps has provided an experiential gateway for my future career pathway." View Medical Internships Meet past participants: You may also be interested in:

Paulina Ochoa – Georgia, USA (2018)

"If there is anything I could let future interns know, it would be that this trip to Cape Town will be a memorable one and you'll never want it to end. From the people I met, to the places I visited, this trip will forever be one of the best times in my life. I [...]

Ansley Gross – Georgia, USA (2018)

"I chose to intern in Cape Town because it was somewhere to go that was new and different for me. My entire experience completely exceeded my initial expectations. I really enjoyed getting to know other interns and taking part in random and spontaneous activities. Also, I loved working at a clinic in a township because [...]

Doyle Lang – Michigan, USA (2018)

“I chose Cape Town for my internship destination because one of my best friends did a study abroad in Cape Town and loved the city. From my experience, I can say the same thing. I’ve had so much fun in Cape Town and I've found the city offers something for everyone. Personally, I loved my [...]

Johnna Bakalar – Connecticut, USA (2018)

“I absolutely loved Cape Town and was shocked about how well I fit in and how quickly I got comfortable here! My experience at my internship was extremely valuable and relevant to my future career and I learned a great deal about how the public health system functions in South Africa. I completely recommend Cape [...]