Sprinting towards HERITAGE weekend, my ‘brew’

South Africa, the land of the BIG 5 and fine wines, however also the home to cheetah and a wildly growing craft-beer industry. Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world, running at speeds up to 110 km/h (or 70 miles per hour!) and these top speeds can be reached within just 3 seconds! There [...]

Sneak Peek: Virtual Tour of The Cederberg Oasis VACtravel Weekend!

Some people say, it's like a different planet, but when you land in the Cederberg mountains, you realise you've travelled to a beautiful place on Earth.  Well known for it's dramatic rocky mountain formations, world-class bouldering and rock climbing, ancient rock paintings, and clear evenings full of shooting stars, it's an adventure not to miss! [...]

5 Fun Ocean Activities to do on a Sunday in Cape Town

The week has flown by and now the weekend is your playground!  The ocean is paradise here, so recharge every Sunday with our Cape Town ocean activities list to add to your bucket list. Big Bay We've put together a list of some of our favourite things to do on a Sunday in [...]

Hiking in the Mother City

If you’ve been on a hike in Cape Town, then you know how unique hiking here is. Most of the trails wind up some part of the Table Mountain peninsula, which means you start with an immediate incline. Ten minutes in and you are breathing heavily and getting red blotches all over your face from [...]

Heritage Day – Celebrating the Rainbow Nation

South Africa is famously known as the 'rainbow nation,' boasting a wide range of diverse cultures, traditions, and beliefs from throughout Africa and the world. Every 24th of September South Africa celebrates Heritage Day or as many have dubbed - Braai (BBQ) Day. This national holiday started in Kwazulu-Natal and was formerly known as Shaka [...]

A Guide to Cape Town’s Beaches

Cape Town is famous for its beautiful summer weather but it often takes years to understand how weather patterns will affect your weekend outdoor excursions. While our program encourages you to keep a very active lifestyle during your internship in South Africa and we regularly schedule weekly activities, attempts to tick off boxes on your "to-do" list must [...]

VACorps Weekend Getaway – A Trip Review

VACorps Weekend Getaway trips are an awesome value-add to any VAC Internship in Cape Town. VAC staff plan the most exciting, most delicious, and most adventurous (hey, its in the name!) activities for our interns.   This weekend was no exception. We organized to meet the interns in Observatory at 0830 on Saturday morning, bought [...]

The Extraordinary Tale of Joshua Penny on Table Mountain

Here in Cape Town, the towering presence of Table Mountain creates a kind of special energy in everyday activities. It also can provide a respite from the rigors of city life, and the honking cars below give way to pure, clean air and solitude up top. Towards the end of the 18th century, one American sailor [...]

Updates from the road: Wild Coast 2014

For this week’s post we’re coming live from Coffee Bay as we near the end of our 8-day Wild Coast adventure with a group of our interns. Throughout the year, VACorps interns have the option of coming on one of five overland trips with VAC Travel that not only allow you to see more of [...]

The Volunteer Adventure Corps Guide to Observatory

The Volunteer Adventure Corps intern experience centers upon one vibrant and youthful neighborhood in Cape Town, known as Observatory (or Obs, for short). Obs is a lot of things, encompassing many extremes. It’s a student mecca and a traveler’s paradise. It’s a working class transit hub and a bustling center for young professionals. The restaurants, [...]