Sarah Hans — Maryland, USA (2017)

I chose Cape Town as the place to intern abroad because I felt as if it could give me a new perspective on healthcare and allow me to do extended hands-on work compared to back home in the states where my scope of practice as a nursing assistant is very limited. Cape Town had always [...]

Madhavi Kuthanur – San Jose, California (2017)

Madhavi participated in a Human Rights & Public Health internship in Cape Town, in 2017. "The main reason I chose to intern in Cape Town is that I wanted to learn about how health systems functioned in South Africa and the interventions that public health organizations develop to improve the quality of the various health services. [...]

Paige Daniels – Johnstown, Pennsylvania USA (2017)

"My internship experience helped me grow personally by giving me more patience and teaching me to recognize when to step up and take initiative. There were many times where I had to speak up to express my opinions or ask questions. I believe this experience has made me more confident in a foreign place. Professionally, [...]

Betty Jayne Humplick— Moshi, Tanzania (2017)

"I chose Cape Town because I had heard many nice things about it but also because I wanted to experience a different part of South Africa having previously visited Jo'burg and Durban. Cape Town did not disappoint! It has a great vibe, the place and people are very nice and laid-back. There are also a [...]

VACorps Intern, Lorin Anderberg’s Visual Travel Journal

The talented VACorps intern, Lorin Anderberg, is a visual storyteller. Dive into her experience  through all of her Cape Town adventures. Check out the list of all the sites that made it on her video! Do you have an amazing video to share with us? We'd love to feature you. Check out Lorin's other videos [...]

VACorps Intern Spotlight: Ian Bradley

It's your first day at your internship site; it's the moment you've been waiting months or even years for, but what's next? Cape Town, South Africa will be your home for the next few months, now all you have to do is introduce yourself to SO many new, interesting, and friendly people. On your first day [...]

Sneak Peek: Virtual Tour of The Cederberg Oasis VACtravel Weekend!

Some people say, it's like a different planet, but when you land in the Cederberg mountains, you realise you've travelled to a beautiful place on Earth.  Well known for it's dramatic rocky mountain formations, world-class bouldering and rock climbing, ancient rock paintings, and clear evenings full of shooting stars, it's an adventure not to miss! [...]

VACorps Intern Spotlight: Jean Dunn

VACorps intern, Jean Dunn, is the current Marketing & Communications Assistant at The Cape Leopard Trust.  She wrote this important article about the relationship between hunting and conservation of leopards and other animals who face similar threats of extinction. Jeanie says, "Every day these beautiful and enigmatic leopards are decreasing in numbers because of our own failure [...]

Oh the places you’ll go: Mike Frazier

Mike Frazier, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, arrived in Cape Town during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, a period that unquestionably ranks as one of the most festive times in this city's recent history. Mike, who studied computer science, was 110% committed to getting the most from his experience in South Africa. He enthusiastically rolled up his sleeves at his IT support [...]

VACorps Intern of the Month, Brad Hossack

The VACorps professional internship program welcomes interns to Cape Town each month from across the globe. In this week’s post, we are pleased to feature Brad Hossack, a Canadian intern who joined us this past May for a 6 week engineering internship opportunity. Brad is a recent graduate from Carleton University in southern Ontario where he [...]