Cara O’Donnell – Melbourne, Australia (2017)

Cara spent 9 weeks completing a Human Rights internship with the South African Human Rights Commission in Cape Town. "The experience was both educational and personally rewarding, and one I won't soon forget. In addition to placing me with an organization I likely wouldn't have been to able to arrange myself (especially from the opposite [...]

Ashley Fleck – Atlanta, Georgia USA (2016)

Ashley participated in a human rights law internship with VACorps in 2016. "South Africa has been an amazing adventure. From paragliding over Cape Town to wine tasting in Stellenbosch to camping and cliff diving in the Cederburgs, every second of my time spent here has been worth it. During my internship, I was lucky enough to [...]

Erin Jackson – Las Vegas, Nevada

To say that my time in Cape Town forever changed my life is an understatement. In all honesty, I was afraid once I landed. I never even been on a plane before, and here I was taking a 22-hour flight to this foreign location. I really didn’t know what to expect! However, I have always [...]

Krista Greplova – Prostejov, Czech Republic

I really enjoyed Cape Town as it is. My time here was 7 weeks, from that I spent one week in beautiful Wild Coast, what was also a great experience. I had a chance to work here in NGO specializing on children rights. I could see the reality and a lot of cases of abuse [...]

Lucy Harry – London, England

I cannot believe that my 2 months in Cape Town are up, I have definitely been in denial that I am ever leaving this wonderful city... I am incredibly grateful to VAC for giving me this invaluable opportunity to spend time in Cape Town and intern at the human rights organisation PASSOP. My experience definitely [...]

Sophie Clarke – Brisbane, Australia

I never realised just how homesick I could be for a city that I did not grow up in, where my family doesn’t live, and that is a gruelling 40+ hour journey away from my actual home city in Australia. Yet here I am, sitting at my desk back in Brisbane, trying to summarise the [...]

Katie Connan – London, United Kingdom

I knew that Cape Town would be good for me. Invaluable human rights experience? Check. Hiking? Check. Surfing? Check. Wine tasting? CHECK. I could go on. But what I didn't know was how much. That I would cling to my bedroom door as I left, wailing that I loved it too much to let go, [...]

Ione Wells – London, United Kingdom

"I don't think that I've ever quite experienced a month and a half fly by as quickly as the time that I spent with VAC this year. Welcomed immediately by my housemates and other neighboring interns and students, I felt like a local straight away, feeling at home in both my house in Milton Road [...]

Laurence Feeny – London, United Kingdom

"I arrived in Cape Town just as winter was coming to an end. In the first few nights, as I lay shivering in my bed wishing I had brought a blanket, I wondered whether I had made a terrible mistake and should have just gone to the Bahamas for a couple of months. "Now, at [...]

Samantha Murray – Wootton Bridge, Isle of Wight, UK

"On my first day in the Mother City, I asked someone why so many people come to Cape Town but never leave? “'..Because Cape Town will steal your soul and then when it gives it back? You won’t want it.'” "I remember laughing. "Well.. "Cape Town 1 – Sam 0 "As I sit on the [...]