Ashley Davison – Portland, Oregon, USA

"Cape Town has given me the most trans-formative experience of my young life. I have but one complaint about my time here, and that is my departure. This incredible city presented every sort of opportunity. It truly is the city of contrast. During my stay, I was able to split my time between incredible terrain [...]

Jacqueline Braslow – Providence, Rhode Island, USA

"VAC was a secure platform for me to live independently in a new city. More importantly, it gave me the opportunity to connect with the other amazing VAC participants doing the same. The people I shared my time in Cape Town with made my experience the magic that it was. I now have friendships that [...]

Andi Cohen – Eugene, Oregon, USA

"As I sit down to fully reflect upon my experience here in Cape Town, I can truly say that these past three months have been the most spectacular time of my life. Each and every day brought new opportunities that were filled with new friends and incredible activities. This city is so diverse and offers [...]

Nathan Shuftan – Chicago, Illinois, USA

"My VAC experience was nothing short of phenomenal. I had never spent more than a week visiting another country before my arrival in Cape Town, but from the airport pickup to the first Friday VACtivity (Newlands Brewery) to my first Trenchtown pizza, I knew I picked a great place and a great program. VACs support system really [...]

Caroline Parker – Boulder, Colorado, USA

“My stay in Cape Town has been an incredible adventure and one which I could not have coordinated without the help of VAC. I am so grateful for the excursions, the friendships, and especially the internship at the WHEAT Trust that VAC facilitated for me.  My time here has been all-around exceptional--exciting, reflective, and intellectually [...]

Amy Boyd – Eugene, Oregon USA

My time with VAC in Cape Town was everything I hoped it would be. Cape Town is big, busy and beautiful. There was always something new to do, see or taste and old favorites to revisit. The city itself was an adventure and VAC provided a comforting and supportive community in the midst of the [...]