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Film & Photography Internships in Cape Town.

Are you studying to become a photographer or filmmaker? If so, learn more about VACorps Cape Town film industry internships. When you’re based in this beautiful part of South Africa, you’ll be staying in the preferred location of the majority of productions that take place in this country. South Africa is home to one of the largest commercial film industries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Reasons you should consider a Film & Photography Internship in Cape Town

As a media student or graduate, you will learn more about this fast-paced industry. Film internships in South Africa give you experience working on film sets and give a taste of the different roles that each team member plays.

What does a film internship in South Africa entail?

  • Valuable exposure – Working in a creative media team allows you to familiarize yourself with all the different role players. From the camera crew to the caterers, you’ll gain an important understanding of how each element fits together on a production.
  • On-set learning – Being on location or in the studio enables you to see firsthand how it all works. There are unique and specific requirements when it comes to professional dealings with media teams and the best way to learn is on the job. Interns can expect valuable, onsite crash courses in the appropriate pace and etiquette of film and photography crews.
  • A dynamic daily routine – If you can’t see yourself sitting behind the same desk for five days a week, you’ll enjoy the variety that comes with film and media work. Some productions will be shooting on the beach, while others might see you on the balcony of a building; the only constant element is teamwork.
  • The development of essential skills – When you take a film or photography internship in South Africa, you’ll likely spend a few days learning the ropes in the media office. When you’ve found you feet, you’ll be able to move into other areas of the production and build specific competencies in the areas that you prefer.

From our alumni profile with Nicole Beaudoin (’07) (A MUST-READ for any serious candidate):

“I never thought I would work for a studio, and it really is a dream job and amazing learning experience to walk through the historic gates of Paramount every day and be a part of the moviemaking process on so many films. However, I will never forget my first time on a professional set, and what a wonderful peek into the world of production it was for me. The whole experience of an internship in Cape Town was such a growing experience for me. I look back on my time there and see it as a period of exponential growth and a big booster to my confidence.”

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Meet past participants:

Matthew Rodriguez – New York, USA (2019)

Matthew participated in a Film and Media Internship as part of his GAP year.  He had this to say about his experience: "Along with my journey around the world, I knew I wanted to see [...]

Emu Haynes – Westport, Connecticut, USA (2018)

Emu Haynes participated in a Film and Photography internship as part of her Gap Year in January 2018. "I wasn't sure what to expect from this trip, but I can tell you [...]

  • Julia with her photography internship mentor in Cape Town

Julia Briggs – Orchard Lake, Michigan USA (2017)

Julia participated in a film & photography internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2017. "Oh gosh this is tough goodbye...Never before have I experienced such amazing energy from a single place and its people. [...]

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