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Remote internship abroad

Remote internship abroad in South Africa

Find a remote internship abroad and contribute to a meaningful project in South Africa. Acquire invaluable professional experience that represents the future of employment. Discover South Africa’s vibrant culture, build your international professional network, and make new friends without needing a passport or a plane ticket!

Why participate in a remote internship abroad in South Africa?

VACorps will find you a remote internship abroad with a South African company, startup, nonprofit or NGO. During this unique international work opportunity, you will receive a career-relevant internship and work on projects that benefit your host organization. If you are unable to find the time to travel to South Africa, yet want to engage with local organizations in a meaningful way, a remote internship experience is your ideal solution. No visa or expensive international airfare required!

We also offer hybrid internships that will give you the opportunity to begin your internship remotely and then travel to South Africa to meet your colleagues in person and enjoy local travel adventures with VACorps. Speak to our Program Admissions Team to learn more (

How the application process works

  • Complete our remote internship application form
  • Participate in a phone or video call with the VACorps Admissions Team to explore your remote internship options
  • Pay a $350 deposit if you are accepted to the VACorps program
  • Identify your top internship choices
  • Participate in a video interview with sites that would like to meet you
  • Receive a final acceptance from your host internship site and pay a final balance of $750 / $1000 (if participating in a structured program)

How does a remote internship abroad in South Africa work?

  • Before starting your program, you will participate in an orientation where we teach you how succeed in a remote internship role.
  • During your first week, your supervisor will outline your internship role, expectations, and projects.
  • You will participate in weekly video chats with your internship site supervisor and colleagues.
  • You will be expected to participate in team meetings.
  • The VACorps team will be in regular contact with you to ensure that you’re having a positive internship experience.
  • At the conclusion of your program, you will receive final feedback and a performance evaluation. If you’ve made a positive contribution to your host internship site, you can expect to receive a letter of recommendation.

Discover South African Culture and Language

All remote interns receive the opportunity to participate in the popular VACorps Culture Series. We have adapted this program so that you can learn more about the vibrant culture of South Africa while living abroad. Every week, you are invited to join our live culture series broadcast that is facilitated by local South Africans.

We also offer weekly virtual VACorps Xhosa classes. This class will introduce you to the fundamentals of one of South Africa’s 11 official languages, which is famous for its bantu clicking sounds. After a few sessions, you’ll be able to confidently speak a few essential phrases of this beautiful African language.

VACorps is famous for delivering a program experience that makes our participants feel like an honorary member of our family. We proudly continue this tradition through our remote internship programming. Our team will schedule regular one-on-one conversations with you and provide an insider’s look at the local culture. Our South African staff are some of the friendliest individuals you’ll ever meet, and they can’t wait to proudly share their knowledge of South African culture with you!


Q: Why is a remote internship abroad valuable?

A: In today’s global world, remote working agreements and decentralized company structures are becoming the new norm. During a future job interview, a record of successful international remote working experience will give you an advantage over your peers.

Q: Why should I intern with a company in South Africa rather than in my home country?

A: Even though you will not be physically present in South Africa for your internship, you will still acquire an invaluable international perspective.

Q: Can I participate in a remote internship now and join VACorps in the future?

A: Yes. We have designed a unique hybrid internship model if you’d like to travel to South Africa at the beginning or end of your internship. The standard VACorps program has a minimum recommended internship duration of 4 weeks and if you are someone who is juggling a really busy schedule, a hybrid internship is an ideal solution for someone who can’t travel abroad.

Q: How will I join meetings if I’m based in a different time zone?

A: Your host organization will schedule video chats during times that work best for both of you. If you are in a time zone where there is a major time difference (e.g., PST in the USA), you’ll need to arrange your schedule to join live team meetings at times where you’re not accustomed to being at work. This might include early mornings or late evening meetings.

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Meet past participants:

Katherine Pulaski, Michigan, USA (2021)

Katherine joined the VACorps program as a remote intern in January 2021 where she participated in the VACorps Human Rights Program.  "I chose this internship because I was excited at the prospect of engaging [...]

Xinyi Shao, Hong Kong (2021)

Xinyi is studying accounting at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and joined the VACorps program in January 2021 where she participated in a remote internship at a fin-tech company.  "Due to the pandemic, [...]

Olga Lacey – Maynooth, Ireland, (2021)

Olga is studying  International Peacebuilding, Security & Development Practice at Maynooth University in Ireland. She joined the VACorps program as a remote intern, where she participated in the VACorps Human Rights Internship Program. She [...]

Valeria Guerra, Georgia, USA (2020)

Valeria is studying Global Law LLM at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. She joined the VACorps program as a remote intern in September 2020 and participated in a law internship at an NGO.  "I [...]

Janyxa Avalos, Michigan, USA (2020)

Janyxa is studying Public Relations at the University of Michigan. She joined the VACorps program as a remote intern in September 2020, and where she worked for an NGO assisting with marketing and graphic [...]

Ava-Celeste Dujon, New York, USA (2020)

Ava-Celeste is majoring in African Studies at Smith College and is expected to graduate with her bachelor's degree in May 2021. She joined the VACorps program in August 2020 as a remote intern and [...]

Jacqueline Staver – Michigan, USA (2020)

Jacqueline is studying Public and Nonprofit Administration with a minor in Women and Gender Studies at Central Michigan University.  She joined to VACorps Program in June 2020 and participated in a remote human rights [...]

Alexandra Edmunds – Ontario, Canada (2020)

Alexandra is a high school student at St Ignatius of Loyola, Oakville.  She joined the VACorps program in June 2020 and participated in a remote internship at a local NGO that that empowers and [...]

Malikah Ullah – London, United Kingdom (2020)

Malikah is studying a BSc in Psychology at Goldsmith's University in London.  She joined the VACorps program in July 2020 and participated in a counseling/psychology internship at a local NGO that creates educational opportunities [...]

Matthew Heilman – Indiana, USA (2020)

Matthew is studying his BA in Neuroscience and Behavior with a minor in International Development Studies and Gender Studies at the University of Notre Dame.  He joined the VACorps program in June 2020 and [...]

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