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Web & Graphic Design Internships in Cape Town.

If you’re studying to be a digital creative, consider the many advantages of taking a graphic or web design internship in Cape Town. This beautiful region of South Africa is known as the creative capital of the country and is home to a number of industry leading agencies. When you participate in an internship through VACorps, you can be sure that we’ll find you the ideal placement within the design industry.

Web & Graphic Design internships in Cape Town:

One of the benefits of being located in Cape Town is that there are numerous opportunities to meet other creative people. A South Africa web design internship can be a springboard for your career as well as for further personal development. Many VACorps participants have made lasting friendships and established valuable international contacts during their time in this welcoming country.

What to expect from graphic and web design internships in South Africa

Further to learning about Cape Town and being able to explore and discover this spectacular city as a resident – not a tourist – you’ll benefit in other ways.

  • Gaining insight into a geographically unique industry – Here at the southern tip of Africa, we have distinctly different influences from the rest of the world. Our digital design work draws on our local flavor and the pool of creativity that is endemic to Cape Town. As an intern, you’ll be able to learn from the collective as you influence it.
  • Developing useful skills – At VACorps, we don’t want to place you in a position where you’ll just be making coffee. The agencies that offer internships tend to put you to work right away. When you’re immersed in a project, you’ll have ample opportunity to use and enhance your competencies. From utilizing software to running tasks for project management, this experience will be invaluable for your resume.

Being part of a creative team affords you many chances to learn and grow as a digital creative. Contact us today for more information about applying for a graphic or web design internship in Cape Town.

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Meet past participants:

Justine Jones – Orlando, Florida, USA

"Making the decision to sign up with VAC meant deciding to change my life forever. Every day since returning from Cape Town, all I think about is my time there and how much I have [...]

  • Agnes Sokol VACorps program testimonial

Agnes Sokol – Windhoek

"VACorps has an impressive list of internship placement sites offering interns a chance to work at some of Cape Town’s best organizations regardless of what your academic focus may be. My internship at the Amy [...]

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