Gap Year Internships

Gap Year Internships in Cape Town Add structure to your Gap Year and participate in an internship in Cape Town, South Africa, the most beautiful city in the world. Gain relevant and professional experience in your chosen field and be forever changed by the cultural and experiential learning opportunities afforded to you by [...]

Sports Science Physiotherapy Program

Sports Science Physiotherapy Center Internship Program The Sports Science Physiotherapy Institute Internship Program represents the first comprehensive physical therapy internship program of its kind in Africa. As a participant, you will receive practical experience under the professional supervision of sports physical therapists from the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Following the completion of [...]

Public Health Internships

Public Health Internships in Cape Town If you’re considering a career in Public Health, VACorps offers an excellent selection of internships in South Africa. As a public health intern in our program, you will be working alongside qualified healthcare professionals in conducting epidemiological research, assessing access to care in South Africa, research, data collection, [...]

Business startups in Cape Town

Immerse yourself in Cape Town's startup culture, which is driving the technological revolution in Africa. Cape Town is at the epicenter of business innovation in South Africa and is recognized as the leading destination for startups in Africa. With very favorable exchange rates and a deep talent pool, tech companies from around the world [...]

Refugee Internship in Cape Town

Refugee Internship in Cape Town. Although South Africa did not start recognizing refugees until 1993, it is now home to one of the highest populations of refugee and asylum seekers in the world. While many refugees travel to South Africa with the intention of drastically improving their lives, most find it difficult to find [...]

Sustainable Development Internships

Sustainable Development Internships in Cape Town. South Africa provides a unique landscape for those interested in pursuing experience in sustainable development. During your internship, join one of a number of organizations, companies, and government agencies in Cape Town that promote social, economic, cultural and environmental sustainability and are working towards solutions to common problems [...]

Physical Therapy Internships

Physical Therapy Internships in Cape Town. Cape Town physical therapy internships are geared towards those looking to continue or complete their education in the PT field. By participating in a physical therapy internship in South Africa, you will work alongside established South African physical therapists and gain a true hands-on experience that’s so rare [...]

Social Work Internships

Social Work Internships in Cape Town. Cape Town social work internships attract those who are willing to swap daily comforts for a unique opportunity to assist the most disadvantaged members of the community. Our social work candidates show an outstanding sense of humility, display empathy, and have a genuine desire to better the lives [...]

Occupational Therapy Internships

Occupational Therapy Internships in Cape Town. Cape Town occupational therapy internships are extremely popular due to the high demand for OTs in South Africa. By participating in an occupational therapy internship in South Africa, you will work alongside established occupational therapist and gain a true hands-on experience that’s so rare elsewhere in the world. [...]

Education Internships

Education Internships in Cape Town. If you are interested in pursuing a career in education, you will likely want to spend as much time as possible in a classroom environment under the supervision of a qualified teacher. A South Africa student teaching internship offers you the ideal opportunity to gain practical international teaching experience [...]