Conservation Internships

Conservation Internships in Cape Town Participate in a conservation internship and join the battle to preserve Cape Town's delicate ecosystem and its legendary natural beauty. There is a strong tradition of environmental advocacy in South Africa and we will help you find an internship that aligns with your passions in the field of conservation. [...]

Web & Graphic Design Internships

Web & Graphic Design Internships in Cape Town. If you’re studying to be a digital creative, consider the many advantages of taking a graphic or web design internship in Cape Town. This beautiful region of South Africa is known as the creative capital of the country and is home to a number of industry [...]

Medical Internships

Medical Internships in Cape Town If you’re considering a career as a nurse, physicians assistant, or doctor, VACorps offers an excellent selection of medical internships in South Africa. As a medical intern in our program, you will be working alongside qualified healthcare professionals at one of community healthcare clinics or hospitals. South Africa faces [...]

Counseling & Psychology Internships

Counseling & Psychology Internships in Cape Town VACorps counselling and psychology internships will expose you to the complexities of South Africa's mental health care system. Our internship placements are culturally appropriate and will give you unique access to counselling and social support services in South Africa. This is one of our most popular and [...]

Film and Photography Internships

Film & Photography Internships in Cape Town. Are you studying to become a photographer or filmmaker? If so, learn more about VACorps Cape Town film industry internships. When you’re based in this beautiful part of South Africa, you’ll be staying in the preferred location of the majority of productions that take place in this [...]

Business & Finance Internships

Discover the South African business world. A business-focused internship in Cape Town offered through VACorps will give you incredible access to the world of business in a foreign country. South Africa is an emerging global economy and is a member of BRICS, the economic trade union that includes Brazil, Russia, India and China. Accordingly, there [...]

Marketing Internships

Marketing Internships in Cape Town. If you are considering a marketing internship in South Africa, you will have a wonderful range of options to choose from when we search for your ideal internship site. Our Cape Town marketing internships are in high demand because companies and NGOs always have a need for interns with [...]

Law internships

Law internships in Cape Town. If you are interested in a law internship in South Africa, our program offers some excellent opportunities within this field. Many of our finest legal internship opportunities involve human rights law in South Africa, though we also offer more traditional law internships in startup and environmental sectors too. Our [...]

Journalism internships

Journalism internships in Cape Town. If you are searching for a journalism internship in South Africa, VACorps offers ideal opportunities for journalism students, communications students and individuals with an interest in writing. All of our Cape Town journalism and communications internships are situated in a vibrant city with a variety of media centers. [...]

Human Rights in South Africa

Human Rights Internship Program in Cape Town Some of the most prestigious human rights internships in South Africa are offered through our program. Since the end of Apartheid in 1994, the world has praised South Africa for its peaceful transition to democracy. South Africa has one of the most liberal constitutions in the world, [...]