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Grocery Stores and Food Delivery Services

Grocery Stores

Whether you love to cook up a storm at home or prefer to eat out every night and leave the cooking to someone else, you will most likely be visiting the grocery store every now and then to get supplies for your kitchen and bathroom cupboard.  There are three good grocery stores within walking distance of program housing. Which store you make use of will most likely depend on where you live and which store is closer to you:

Observatory Kwikspar (67 Station Road, Observatory) will have you covered in terms of basic groceries, toiletries, and basic stationery.  This store also has a great salad bar and ready-made food section, which is very handy if you want a quick simple dinner, or need to take lunch with you to work.  There is also an ATM inside which is safe to use. You can get up to R1000 cash back upon check out which is a handy, safe and cheap way of drawing money.

Groote Schuur Spar (368 Main Rd, Observatory). This is larger than the “Observatory Kwik Spar” and offers a broader range of groceries, toiletries etc.  The entire store is halaal, so you will not be able to buy pork products nor alcohol.  There is a large “Clicks” pharmacy right next door, which in addition to medicine, stocks a wide range of beauty and health products.

Pick n Pay Observatory (Saint Peters Square, Corner Main and Anzio Road, Observatory) is a fairly large grocery store situated in a small shopping complex which offers other amenities such as a pharmacy, a few clothing stores, a cell phone store, a stationery store and cash crusaders. Like the Groote Schuur Spar, it will have everything you need in terms of basic groceries and toiletries, as well as some household products (towels, crockery, glassware etc).

Meal plans and food delivery services

If cooking is not your thing, but you don’t fancy the idea of eating out every night, there are a number of food delivery services in Cape Town offering healthy home-style food delivered to your door:

The Flying Pan: Offer delicious food reliably delivered to your door. You can order online weekly or monthly.

Door Step Chef: Also offers a convenient meal delivery service.

U-cook: This company delivers all the ingredients as well as the recipes needed to cook delicious daily dinners. If you are looking to improve your skills in the kitchen, or want to cook, yet don’t like planning your meals and doing the grocery shopping, you will really enjoy this service.  Their food is delicious and comes in a  wonderful variety of recipes. Also, you won’t waste anything, as everything is pre-portioned.

iHealth: This company offers a delivered subscription meal plan service that you can sign up for in advance.  They offer a range of different eating styles and diets.