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Restaurants in Observatory

There is a large variety of excellent restaurants in Observatory, and almost all of them are within walking distance of program housing.  From Traditional African to Sushi and Authentic Italian, the Obs food scene has it all. As you make your way through the list that we have compiled below, remember that Cape Town is a big City.  Although you cannot go wrong with any of the restaurants Obs has to offer, keep in mind that there are many other restaurants in the city that are worthy of your attention! Click here for our list of favorite restaurants outside of Obs.

African Food

Timbuktu: This restaurant serves traditional Ethiopian fare. The food is exceptionally good and very reasonably priced The staff is (in true Ethiopian style) very friendly, and the atmosphere is warm, relaxed, and casual.  This restaurant does not have a liquor license, so be sure to bring your own bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal.  Ethiopian food is traditionally eaten with your hands, using jeera (flat pancake-like bread), often shared on big platters, so bring some friends, and arrive hungrily!

Ivy’s Kitchen: Ivy’s Kitchen offers exceptionally well-priced traditional Xhosa food served with traditional South African hospitality.  The restaurant is situated at the Obs Lifestyle Market opposite the Observatory Train Station. Be sure to call in and sample the best of traditional South African food, always accompanied by Ivy’s warm smile and an extra helping of fun and laughter!

Cafe Ganesh: Ganesh offers delicious traditional African dishes of Bobotie, Umnqusho, and pap ‘n’ Veg, in warm and evocative surroundings.”

Italian Food

Ferdinando’s: There are many Capetonian’s who are of the opinion that Ferdinando’s serves the best pizza in the City.  The restaurant is run by Obs local legends Diego and Kimone, who are also very involved in the upliftment of Observatory’s homeless people. The real boss of the restaurant, however, is a cute, dog fox-like dog named Ferdinando (yes, the restaurant is named after him) who roams around the tables looking for little bites of pizza. Expect a relaxed, festive atmosphere, authentic Italian food, and a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options.

Narona: This restaurant serves well-priced delicious Pizza and Pasta.  A good option if you are looking for a quick bite, or don’t feel like leaving your house as they deliver as well.

Bistro Style Food

Obz Cafe: This restaurant has been an iconic landmark in Observatory for the past 20 years.  It has a New York feel, with an up-market decor and a relaxed atmosphere. A favorite for VACorps interns and staff alike, their pizzas and plates of pasta are particularly good, as are their craft beers and milkshakes.

Coco Cha Chi: This is a wonderful cafe-style restaurant, open for breakfast lunch, and dinner.  A great place to grab a beer and some food after work, or brunch on a weekend morning.

Jerry’s Burger Bar: You will not find a better burger in Obz!  This restaurant is always full, has a wonderful, festive atmosphere, and will not disappoint.

A touch of Madness: A quirky & eclectic bar & restaurant is set in a unique Victorian house, in the center of Observatory. Their menu is influenced by South African and global street food. On offer is a wide range of casual dining favorites like burgers, Mexican (burritos, tacos, nachos) as well as sticky wings and Jack Daniels basted ribs. They also have a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options and a nice selection of healthy crunchy salads.

Sushi and Asian Food

Edo Sushi: This is probably the best value-for-money sushi in Cape Town.  Their food is consistently fresh and delicious, and the service is wonderful. If you are looking for good-quality sushi that is not going to break the bank, look no further!

Mr Lins: A small, cute restaurant on Obs Main Road serving sushi and Thai Food. Very reasonably priced and has a nice cozy atmosphere.

1890 House: If you are looking for excellent quality sushi and Chinese food in a fun, relaxed, and social setting, you cannot go wrong with 1890 house. They have been in the business for 15 years, and their food is excellent, albeit slightly on the more expensive side.

Mexican Food

Pancho’s:   Offers great value for money as the servings are large (consider sharing a meal if you are not a big eater) The restaurant is always full, and the ambiance is fun and festive. This is a relaxed restaurant, with tables and decorations to reflect the Mexican theme.