VACorps 2019 Program Calendar

The most popular times of year to join VACorps:

If you are accepted to the program, you will be offered a position within the dates that best matches your schedule. Although we offer flexibility on start/end dates, here’s a breakdown of the most popular times of year to join.

Program Session Dates + BEST Arrival Dates for 2019

  • Session 1 January 13th – April 11th (BEST arrival dates: Jan 13-14, Feb 3-4, Mar 3-4)
  • Session 2 May 1st – July 1st (BEST arrival dates: May 5-6, May 12-13, May 19-20, June 2-3)
  • Session 3 July 1st – September 15th (BEST arrival dates: June 30-July 1, July 13-14)
  • Session 4 September 1st – November 29th (BEST arrival dates: Sep 1-2, Sep 15-16, Oct 5-6)

We recommend that you arrive on one of the “Best Arrival Dates” listed above because this ensures that you will participate in your orientation, walking tour, and bus tour with other new interns who have just arrived in the city. These events are far more enjoyable when experienced with a group and it’s really fun to explore a new city with other individuals, who like you, are visiting the city for the first time and don’t know anyone in Cape Town.

Past participants have noted that some of their best friendships were established during their first few days in Cape Town. Remember that anyone who is accepted to the VACorps program is adventurous, open-minded and culturally curious! So the program orientation is an ideal place to connect with your fellow program participants and start planning adventures and excursions in Cape Town. If you arrive outside of Best Arrival Dates, there is a chance you will be the only person attending the orientation and you may not establish friendships as quickly.

*Please note that we do not accept program arrivals in December or during the last two weeks of April.

Important Dates to consider as you plan your trip to South Africa

The VACorps year is divided into four Program Sessions, which we have outlined above. Each session features at least one optional weekend trip and one optional 10-day trip to Mozambique. We have also noted public holidays and South African school holidays (relevant to participants who are interning at schools).

Session 1

  • VACorps SCUBA Club Open Water Course kick-off: January 31st
  • VACorps SCUBA Club Open Water Course kick-off: February 14th
  • VACorps Weekend Adventure: February 15th – February 17th
  • Mozambique & Kruger Park Trip: March 21st – March 31st
  • SA School Holiday: 18th – 31st March  (no internship for those working at SA schools)
  • Human Rights Day: March 21st (Public Holiday- no internship)
  • Good Friday: April 19th (Public Holiday- no internship)
  • Family Day: April 22th (Public Holiday- no internship)

Session 2

  • Workers Day: May 1st (Public Holiday- no internship)
  • VACorps SCUBA Club Open Water Course kick-off: May 23rd
  • VACorps Weekend Adventure to Hermanus: June 7th – June 9th
  • VACorps SCUBA Club Open Water Course kick-off: June 6th
  • Youth Day: June 17th (Public Holiday – no internship)
  • SA School Holidays: June 17th – July 8th (no internship for those working at SA schools)
  • Mozambique & Kruger Park Trip: June 20th – June 30th

Session 3

Session 4

  • School Holiday Break: September 23rd – September 30th (no internship for those working at SA schools)
  • Heritage Day: September 24th (Public Holiday – no internship)
  • VACorps SCUBA Club Open Water Course kick-off: October 10th
  • VACorps Weekend Adventure: October 11th – October 13th
  • Mozambique & Kruger Park Trip: November 7th – 17th
  • Last day that 2019 VACorps Participants can join the program: November 10th
  • VACorps Thanksgiving Dinner: November 28th
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