Emma-Lilas Togba

Toulon, France


Emma is studying towards a Master’s degree in International Political Studies at the University of Toulon.  She joined the VACorps program in January 2024, and participated in an internship at a sustainable development organization.

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My last three months in Cape Town were the best experiences I have ever had. I fell in love with this beautiful city, its landscapes, and its people. I decided to come here as a political science student because the history of this country fascinated me. This internship at a sustainable development NGO helped me gain a better understanding of it and nuanced my knowledge. It was my end-of-master’s internship and my first professional experience in my field of activity. It helped me have a clearer vision of what I want to do, and I was involved in several projects regarding the Sustainable Development Goals. It was really interesting and worth it!

I am going to miss Cape Town so much; I met incredible people here. I started yoga in Obz and discovered so many places thanks to all the VAC activities. This program exceeded my expectations, and I am so grateful for this beautiful opportunity and cannot wait to come back to Cape Town!