Gjis Boor



Gjis has a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from Leiden University. He joined the VACorps program from September – December 2023 and participated in a political science internship.

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“Having recently graduated with my Master’s degree, my time in Cape Town provided me with valuable work experience abroad. While working on and positively contributing to addressing the challenges facing post-apartheid South Africa, I was actively applying for jobs back home. Being flown in for the organization of a workshop in Johannesburg was unforgettable, and so were the people I got to meet and interact with – both within and outside my internship organization. My internship here confirmed I could use and deploy my skills and experience abroad, and further reinforced my diplomatic ambition. This was my main reason for coming back to Cape Town and I am therefore grateful to VACorps for facilitating this experience which further enhanced my understanding of South Africa.

“My main reason for coming to Cape Town was to bridge the time between graduating and getting full-time employment. As such, it fully fulfilled my expectations. Being here has further confirmed for me that irrespective of the context, I am able to build my network and surround myself with great people. I was also able to fully deploy and enhance my skills abroad, something which I consider very valuable for my future career in diplomacy. Finally, it provided me with an insightful comparison between working/interning with a governmental organization (embassy) and a nongovernmental organization (NGO) while learning more about South Africa, a country that has only gotten closer to my heart than before. This was my 2nd time here, and I am sure there will be more to come.”