Lucy Harry
England, Europe

I cannot believe that my 2 months in Cape Town are up, I have definitely been in denial that I am ever leaving this wonderful city… I am incredibly grateful to VAC for giving me this invaluable opportunity to spend time in Cape Town and intern at the human rights organisation PASSOP. My experience definitely exceeded my expectations; the staff at the organisation were so friendly and welcoming, and I was trusted with responsibility when dealing with individual refugees’ cases. It was extremely eye opening to learn about the struggles that many of the refugees unfortunately faced back in their home countries and also upon their arrival in South Africa. 

I will also have many incredible memories aside from the internship, as Cape Town is the most incredible city to explore, as it is so unique in the way in which there is both the busy cosmopolitan city centre, yet the beautiful mountains and beaches are so close by. All in all this has been one of the best 2 months of my life, and I know it is not goodbye as I will definitely be returning to Cape Town in the foreseeable future!