VACorps Mozambique and Kruger Park Adventure

Get way off the beaten track, change your perspectives, and explore some of the most beautiful places on earth.  The VACorps Mozambique/Kruger trip truly is an experience of a lifetime. This trip is so much more than just a holiday.  It is an opportunity to explore new cultures, make life-long friends, expand your comfort zones, and have the most fun you’ve ever had!

“This trip was definitely a trip of a lifetime and a highlight of my time here in Africa. Mozambique is so different to South Africa and the way of life is so relaxed and welcoming. All the staff was very prepared for the trip and made it such a fun experience. This trip is something that everyone should do given the opportunity. I had the time of my life.”
Courtney Romatz, VACorps program participant June 2018
“Mozambique was the most amazing trip I could have asked for. I thought the trip was incredibly well planned out, with the perfect amount of time spent in each place. It was the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. This vacation was perfect and I wish we could go back!!!!”
Ashley Davis, VACorps program participant, July 2018
“I had initially gone to Mozambique to find a fun way to enjoy the holiday, but ultimately I had found myself. This trip was by far the greatest experience I have ever had in my life. Mozambique changed my entire perspective on the world and introduced me to a culture whose values are far different than the fast-paced American values I know.”
Jackie Berger, VACorps program participant May 2018
“The VAC Mozambique/Kruger trip was an incredible opportunity that gave us eye-opening experiences that we couldn’t have gotten anywhere else in the world. Coming from America to Cape Town and then Cape Town to Mozambique each gave a different sense of cultural awareness that really lets you see how unique every country is. The two weeks of the trip held such a wide range of things to do, that it feels like one of the greatest trips I’ve been on.”
Virginia Detrick, VACorps program participant, June 2018
“The VACorps MozKruger trip was the experience of a lifetime! Over 10 days we covered 1000 km of gorgeous South African and Mozambican scenery from the wilderness of Kruger National Park to the white sand beaches of Tofo and Morrungulo. I could never have done this trip without VAC and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore outside of Cape Town!”
Mia Haughton, VACorps program participant May 2017
Whilst participating in the Mozambique trip, I was able to establish more friendships with people I had yet to meet. Not only this but also I was able to adventure more and discover an entirely different part of Africa, the entire experience was surreal; from scuba diving to going on my first safari, there was never a dull day.
Laura Roantree, VACorps Program Participant Jan 2019
The MozKruger was INCREDIBLE. Mozambique is a hidden gem and the only way you will get to truly experience it is with the crew from VAC (I only say this because it would be so difficult and expensive without Sean & Jon (and Kim & Carmen!!!)…also, it wouldn’t be as fun). 100% get scuba certified and dive as many times as possible in Mozambique
Rocca (Sophia) Caputo, VACorps Program Participant Jan 2019

The VACorps Mozambique and Kruger trip rough itinerary:

One night in Maputo, Mozambique: We will break our journey from Johannesburg by spending 1 night in the city, usually arriving late afternoon, and leaving early the next morning.

Three nights in Morrungulo Mozambique: Our accommodation sets us up on a big dune overlooking a crystal blue ocean and spectacular beach that extends as far as the eye can see in either direction. Here we have the option of diving or snorkeling the pristine coral reefs, spectacular sunset beach runs, hour-long swims in the warm ocean, long lazy days spent lounging on the beach or reading a book by the pool.  In the evening we enjoy meals of freshly caught fish cooked on the open fire under the stars followed by a few drinks at the bar.

Four nights in Tofo, Mozambique: Tofo is a small yet lively sea-side village situated on a small peninsula, flanked by two stunning beaches.  It is host to many wonderful restaurants, cafe’s and beach bars, as well as a vibrant market selling anything from freshly caught crayfish to custom-made sundresses. We stay a 5-minute walk from the beautiful Tofino beach, and world-class Tofino point surf spot. Tofo offers exceptional scuba diving, surfing, ATV tours, great nightlife and so much more. Included in your trip price is an Ocean Safari, where we hope to see and swim with whale sharks, dolphins, giant manta rays and humpbacked whales. Also included in your trip fee is a tour to Isla la Porka, where you will feast with the chief and his community in paradise,  and enjoy a spectacular dow ride back to the mainland.

Two nights in the Kruger National Park, South Africa: The Kruger offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa. Our accommodation overlooks the park boundary and the Crocodile River. It is not unusual to see herds of elephants having their evening swim whilst we sit on the balcony to enjoy a sundowner.  We enjoy a full day Safari in the park guided by professional game rangers. At night we settle down to a traditional South African braai (barbeque), and a few beers as we listen to the hippo’s gurgle and grunt in the river below us.

What is included in the price of the trip?

  • All accommodation
  • All Transport excluding flights to Johannesburg
  • All breakfasts, dinner in Maputo, all dinners and lunches in Morrungulo, both dinners in the Kruger Park.
  • Ocean Safari in Tofo
  • Full day Island tour leaving from Tofo (includes a kayak trip, a beautiful feast with the island chief and a dhow (sailboat)  ride back to the mainland
  • A guided full day Safari in the Kruger National Park


Yes! Unless you are a citizen of Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia or Zimbabwe you will be required to obtain a Visa before you depart for Mozambique.  This is a fairly easy process but does require a visit to the Mozambican consulate at least a week prior to departure. Visa’s to Mozambique cost $100. We will guide you through this process.
We will catch an early morning flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg and then travel by minivan the rest of the way.  Please note that your flights to Johannesburg are not included in the trip cost.  Before booking your flights to Johannesburg, please check with your trip coordinator, making sure you book your arrival airport at OR Thambo, and not Lanseria Airport (Johannesburg has two airports).
You will need money for personal expenses, such as shopping, drinks, roadside snacks while travelling,  and dinner and lunch meals while you are in Tofo.  How much you spend really does depend on your spending habits, particularly nightlife activities.  We usually advise people to budget on around R4000 (around $300). It would probably not be a bad idea to have some money in reserve in case you end up spending more.
Yes! In order to Scuba dive while you are in Mozambique you will need to have completed your open water one. If you are not Scuba certified and would like to do a course, VACorps will offer a PADI Open Water Scuba Diving course to interns at an additional cost. Please speak to your trip coordinator if you are interested and need more information. 
The diving in Mozambique is world class.  The abundance of megafauna (giant manta’s, turtles, whales etc) and unspoilt coral reefs make it a spectacular diving destination.  All dives are boat dives, and the cost will often depend on travel time to the reefs.  On average a dive will cost about $50 (R700).
Mozambique is situated in the tropics and has a warm tropical climate. Bring beach clothes, shorts, T-shirts, sundresses etc.  Be sure to bring your bathing suit, lots of sun cream, bug spray, a sun hat and something warm to put on in the evenings as it can get a little cooler, especially if you are going during the winter months (May – October).  Regardless of the time of year, it is also a good idea to bring cooler long pants and a long sleeve cotton shirt to put in in the evenings for protection against the Mozquito’s which tend be most active at dusk and dawn.

The Kruger Park is very hot in summer. Daytime temperatures during winter, while a lot cooler is generally fairly mild.  Regardless of the season, you will have to bring something warm for the early morning game drive as it can be very cold.

Yes, and we highly recommend that you take anti-malaria medicine.  It is readily available in Cape Town and must be purchased prior to your trip.
The trip cost is set at $1150. If you would like to book your place on a trip you can speak to a VAC staff member, or email:  It is best to sign up for a trip in advance as places on the trips are limited.  The June, July and August trips do tend to fill up quickly, so be sure to book your spot sooner rather than later.
  • Participation on the trip is only confirmed once you have paid in full.
  • Any cancellation made less than two weeks prior to the trip departure date will not be refunded.
  • Recoverable costs will be refunded if a cancellation is made more than two weeks in advance of the departure date.

The provisional 2020 Mozambique/Kruger trip dates are as follows:

Start Date End Date
March Trip: 19th March 2020 29th March 2020
June Trip: 25th June 2020 5th July 2020
August Trip: 20th August 2020 30th August 2020
November Trip: 5th November 2020 15th November 2020

Media and blogs by previous trip participants

Emily Hayhurst made this video , documenting an incredible Moz/Kruger trip in January 2019.

This video was made by Izzy Maher who joined us on a trip in June 2018. Izzy and a few other VACorps participants spent two days in Johannesburg prior to the start of the trip and did a tour of Soweto and visited the Apartheid Museum.  The first minute of the video shows their Johannesburg adventures which are not included in the trip itinerary.