Why choose the VACorps internship program?

VACorps proudly maintains its title as the top internship program in Africa since 2019.

We are one of the finest internship programs in the world because we have designed an in-country experience that involves a high level of professional and cultural engagement. More importantly, we love hosting interns in our incredibly beautiful city and want to facilitate one of the greatest adventures of your lifetime. The following are the unique highlights of our internship program:

  • We are focused on providing internships in only one amazing city— Cape Town, South Africa (see pictures here). Accordingly, we offer a very high level of in-country service because our team is not diluted in different cities or countries. We are the recipient of multiple awards and in 2021, GoAbroad.com honored us with the designation as the world’s #1 program provider. Since 2019, GoOverseas and GoAbroad.com have rated VACorps as the #1 internship program provider in Africa.
  • When you join VACorps, you join a diverse community of program participants. We offer a series of optional weekly activities and excursions that will help you network and socialize with other VACorps interns.
  • Your program housing options will allow you to live in your own room while sharing a house with other program participants. The program housing set-up is responsible for giving the program a “family-like” atmosphere and you will meet many like-minded adventurers.
  • Why spend a small fortune travelling to England, Australia or New Zealand when you can participate in a much more affordable internship program in South Africa. Living costs in Cape Town are considerably cheaper than these more mainstream English-speaking international internship destinations.

“You need this. You need it because the important thing you can do as a youngish adult/early 20-something/pre-professional/student is to travel, do something totally out of the ordinary, and force yourself to consider who you are in a new context. Most important learning experience possible. Don’t make excuses regarding income, distance, or long-term plans. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”From our interview with VACorps alumnus, Mindy Spyker (’12).

“I truly can’t thank you guys enough for giving me the best internship site and giving me a reason to come to Cape Town! I’ve met so many new people all around the world that I’ve made so many new friends that I will be seeing outside of Cape Town. You have given me a reason to continue to heavily pursue medicine and helped with the transition to this exciting new place. I don’t know how I will ever repay you for the amazing experiences Cape Town has brought me. If you need another medical intern guinea pig in another place in Africa, please let me know! I can’t wait to come back to this beautiful city! 

Thank you. Sincerely, thank you.” – Yolancee N (2018 program participant from Salt Lake City)

Please learn more about our program by exploring our website or alternatively, contact a program representative and we will email you with more information. Don’t miss the opportunity to join our vibrant internship program in Cape Town, South Africa!


Table Mountain wraps that city in an eternal hug that everyone leaving the city wishes they could join in on. The only thing better than the view of Table Mountain is the experience climbing the behemoth before the sun comes up on a Saturday morning with six friends that you feel like you have grown up with, even though you all just met three weeks ago. My internship not only provided life-changing experience that I will draw on for the rest of my life but it enabled me to actually contribute to the local community; a community that continues to blow me away at its amazing joy in the face of countless obstacles.
Joey Sharp.
My life is forever changed by this beautiful country and the amazing people in VAC who made this experience a possibility. Leaving South Africa now is not goodbye, it’s see you later. One day (hopefully soon) I will be back. Until then, I will forever carry this place in a special spot in my heart.
Courtney Streiker
Between an internship that has reshaped my views on public health, reaffirmed my passion for medicine, and ignited a passion for global health; a group of interns that have become fellow travel/adventure enthusiasts as well as lifelong friends; and a city that has surpassed my wildest dreams as far as beauty, culture, and experience go, I can truly say that my experience in Cape Town has changed my life significantly. The past three months spent conquering fears and realizing dreams have changed me in a way that I did not imagine possible.
Erin Berni.
My three months in Cape Town turned my world upside down – in a wonderful way. Between spending my days at my internship and my nights and weekends with my VAC family, I felt as though every moment was packed to the brim with unforgettable memories. At my internship at the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town, I was able to interact with refugees from all over the African continent on a daily basis.
Lauren Blodgett
Cape Town offers a vantage like no other in the world; from its stark realities to the immeasurable wealth activities and fun and everything in between, it is impossible to leave the city unaffected. VAC proved invaluable in helping me maximize my time here, both through exploring Cape Town and in accommodating me to my job and daily needs. If you are looking for an epic, perspective-shifting summer, then I would highly recommend Cape Town and VAC to you.
Quinn MacDougal

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