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Biotechnology Internships Abroad in Cape Town

Biotechnology Internships Abroad in Cape Town, South Africa

Biotechnology internships abroad can be difficult to find.  However, VACorps provides practical, real-world internship opportunities in the fields of biotech, biomedical, bioengineering, and biochemistry in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Internship opportunities in these study fields will give you experience that will boost your skills and confidence, broaden your perspective, deepen your understanding of the practice and learn more about global healthcare issues and technology.

Why do a biotechnology internship abroad in Cape Town?

Did you know that it was the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research who made lithium batteries a reality? How about the CAT scan? Yes, that is a South African invention too. According to Sable Network, South Africa “is a world leader in everything from cell culturing to microsatellites and the technologies of flight.”

During your biotechnology internship abroad in Cape Town you will learn new skills by observing the work of experienced and licensed senior researchers and doctors. Working alongside these professionals, meeting deadlines and becoming accustomed to the laboratory will provide you with deep insight into global healthcare and technology. This is an ideal way to gain work experience if you’re considering a career in the field, or a way to conduct research if you are already studying in this field.

Our internships in Cape Town will push you out of your comfort zone and help you learn whether pursuing biotech or bioengineering is the route for you or whether you’d perhaps like to rather be out in the field than in the lab researching and designing.

Types of biotechnology internships offered through VACorps:

VACorps has established relationships with the University of Cape Town and biotech, bioengineering, biomedical and biochemistry companies focusing on various subjects, including:

  • Brain injury
  • Reproductive health
  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Neuroscience and Addiction Research
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Nanotechnology & Stem-cell biology

Biotechnology internships are relevant for those with the following goals and character traits:

  • Passionate about science, medicine and technology
  • Studying towards a career in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Pathology, Virology, Biochemistry, Botany, Enzyme Engineering, Molecular Biology, Zoology, Physiology
  • Studying towards a career as a biomedical engineer, biomedical technologist, chemical engineer, manufacturer’s representative, radiological technologist or a systems analyst
  • Interest in designing systems and products e.g. artificial internal organs, artificial devices that replace body parts, and machines for diagnosing medical problems
  • Interest in biomedical equipment
  • You would like to improve your work relational skills and communication
  • Able to work independently, make decisions & take initiative
  • Build your resume, obtain observation hours, stand out in applications
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